14-1 Burpees vs Push Ups – Home Training Ideas

Today we are only performing 2 exercises, for a full body workout. This is work your strength as well as your cardiovascular system:

14-1 Training (can be done with any 2 exercises) Today we are performing Burpees and Push Ups:

Warm Up:Burpees

Push Ups
Push Ups with Terrific Fitness

Star Jumps or skipping for 2 mins


  • x1 , x14 Push Ups
  • x2 Burpees, x13 Push Ups
  • x3 Burpees, x12 Push Ups
  • x4 Burpees, x11 Push Ups
  • x5 Burpees, x10 Push Ups
  • x6 Burpees, x9 Push Ups
  • x7 Burpees, x8 Push Ups
  • x8 Burpees, x7 Push Ups
  • x9 Burpees, x6 Push Ups
  • x10 Burpees, x5 Push Ups
  • x11 Burpees, x4 Push Ups
  • x12 Burpees, x3 Push Ups
  • x13 Burpees, x2 Push Ups
  • x14 Burpees, x1 Push Ups

Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat going backwards again, until you have returned to x1 Burpees, x14 Push Ups

NB: you might find that the first time you can only complete it once through. As you get fitter and stronger, work towards completing it through once forwards, then backwards again.

Cool Down:

Ensure you stretch well at the end of any workout to reduce soreness the next day.

Happy Training!

Terri Batsakis