Butter Versus Margarine

Facts about butter: Buuter versus Margarine

  • Full of Vitamin A (builds immune system, helps site, helps your skin and cell membranes and more)
  • Full of Vitamin D (boost immune system, regulates blood pressure,  aids with insulin secretion and balance, so helps regulate your blood sugar level)
  • Full of Vitamin K (helps blood clotting, helps absorb calcium, helps in prevention of hardening in the arteries and therefore reduces risk heart disease,  studies have linked it to reduced cancer risk)
  • Vitamin E (Antioxidant, fights the aging process)
  • Lecithin (helps break down fats in the body)
  • Iodine (helps normal function and secretion of the thyroid gland, which in turn influences your metabolism)
  • Selenium (acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals in our body and prevent the aging process)
  • Contains lauric acid, important in treating fungal infections and candida
  • Projects against tooth decay
  • Anti-stiffness factor in butter also prevents hardening of the arteries, and cataracts
  • Cholesterol found in butter fat is essential to children’s brain and nervous system development
  • Contains Arachidonic Acid (AA) which plays a role in brain function and is a vital component of cell membranes.
  • Protects against gastrointestinal infections in the very young or the elderly
  • Protects against calcification of the joints and so reduces risk of Arthritis
  • Butter is produced by churning cream until the fats separate from the liquid (buttermilk) and the butter is in a semi-solid state.
  • Completely natural so also helps the farmers!

Facts About Margarine:

  • Linked to skin cancer
  • Source of Omega 3
  • Contain Vitamins A & D which have been added in processing
  • Linked to various cancers and heart disease
  • Oil is extracted at extremely high temperatures from Vegetable oils such as corn, cottonseed, soybeans, safflower seeds and rape seeds (canola). Due to the high temperatures, the oil turns rancid and loaded with free radicals (molecules that speed up the aging process and damage cells). The last molecules of oil is then extracted using hexane, a solvent that causes cancer. Cottonseeds are also amongst the crops mos highly sprayed with pesticides, therefore residue may still be present when processing to make margarine. Canola oil has been linked with vitamin E deficiencies and cell deformation (hence not allowed to be put into baby formula!). According to Western A. Price, “The raw oils for making margarine are steam cleaned. This destroys all the vitamins and antioxidants. However, the residues of pesticides and solvents – that is, hexane – remain.The raw oils for making margarine are steam cleaned. This destroys all the vitamins and antioxidants. However, the residues of pesticides and solvents – that is, hexane – remain.The oils are then put under high temperature and pressure in a reactor. Hydrogen gas is introduced. The high temperature and pressure, together with the presence of nickel catalyst, causes hydrogen atoms to be forced into the oil molecules.” Trans fats are then formed. During the partial hydrogenation, a smelly, grey, lumpy grease is formed. A soap like emulsifier is used to remove the lumps.It is then steam cleaned and deodorized to remove the smells. to change it from the grey color, it is then bleached and all the synthetic vitamins and flavours are added to improve the taste. “Early last century, all coloring was not allowed and margarine was white. This was to protect consumers so that they do not get butter and margarine mixed up.” It is then promoted as a health food
  • Benefits the manufacturing companies, and the soy, cotton and soybean farms (GMO suppliers).
  • Margarine is cheaper to produce on mass and so a financial benefit for all involved
  • Sorry can’t give you any other benefits!

Butter VS Margarine

You be the judge! What would you prefer to eat?

I can tell you that Terrific Fitness promotes butter as a the healthier option, hands down! Organic butter is better still! Don’t be afraid to eat butter because of all the media hype you hear, they are funded by the food and pharmaceutical companies that want to make money! Margarine makes them more money. It’s all about the $$$!!!