Commercial Exercises

The team showing us how to perform a Plank

Other than me, I don’t know people who do not watch any TV. Therefore use this time to strengthen your core! Every commercial, get down onto the floor and hold a plank. Try and hold it for the entire commercial. Do this for every commercial during a 30 min program. If you do this 3 times per week for 6 weeks, your core will be 300% stronger than it was before you started holding commercial planks! Now that’s an awesome result for minimal effort!!!

You can also try this with Squats. On the other 3 days, perform squats for the entire commercial, during every commercial for a 30 min program.

Imagine what your abs and butt will look like at the end of the 6 weeks!!!

Use your 7th day as your rest day.

Maximum results, minimal effort!

Terri Batsakis