Exercise At Home

Beat the Clock:

Perform the following exercises, 1 after the other using a stop watch. Stop the clock as soon as you have finished the last exercise and record your time. Rest for 90 secs and repeat exercises aiming to beat your time. Do 3 times over beating your time every time!

(Remember to perform correct technique. You are only racing against yourself. You don’t want an injury, and you want maximum results from minimal energy! So, lock your core, relax your shoulder, chest out, shoulders back, back up nice and tall and straight, neck straight.)

  • x30 Squats
  • x30 Push ups
  • x20 Lunges left leg
  • x20 Lunges right leg
  • x50 Crunches
  • x15 Tuck Jumps (bring knees up as close to chest as possible)
  • x50 Shoulder Taps (push up position, touch hand to opposite shoulder without twisting your torso)
  • x50 Star Jumps (do not let your hands/arms slap the sides of your body, control your arms)
  • x50 High Knees

Stretch well after you have completed your exercises, assisting your body to return to a relaxed state.