Fish and Veggies

Blue Grenadier with Veggies:

Ingredients for fish:

  • Blue Grenadier (or fish of your choice) 1kg
  • Gluten free flour (enough for coating) or coconut flour
  • 200g organic butter

Directions for fish:

  • Melt butter in pan
  • Whilst butter is melting, coat fish with flour
  • Pan fry until golden
  • serve with veggies, and wedge of lemon

Ingredients for Veggies:

  • 1 large zucchini sliced
  • 1 medium sweet potato sliced
  • 1 corn cob chopped into 1 inch lots
  • 1 red capsicum sliced into sticks
  • 1 green capsicum sliced into sticks
  • 1 medium carrot sliced into sticks
  • handful of green beans chopped into inch sticks
  • 2 squash quartered
  • 1 onion finely sliced
  • any other vegies of desire
  • 50g butter plus 100g butter
  • a small red chilly, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

Directions for Veggies:

  • melt 50g butter in wok (can do on BBQ)
  • toss in all the veggies and stir fry til cooked but still crunchy
  • in a separate pot, melt 100g butter, adding garlic and chilly
  • remove veggies and place in large dish
  • pour melted butter mix over cooked veggies
  • place cling wrap over the top and allow to stand for a couple of minutes for the flavours to infuse

Great for people with Coeliac Disease or Gluten Intolerance as it is gluten free

Serves 4-6 (depending if adults or kids)

Terri Batsakis