Food I can eat at the beach and still lose weight!

Christmas is 35 days or 5 weeks away. Did you realize that? With Christmas comes school holidays, family holidays, trips to the zoo, park, BBQ’s and trips to the beach.  So what can you possibly eat during this period that won’t interfere with your weight loss goals?

I am going to focus on a trip to the beach, but you can use any scenario.

People think that when they are out at the beach, they need to be eating things like chips, lollies, chocolates, sandwiches and coke, in order to be able to enjoy their day. Alternatively many visit the local fish’n chip shop because it is quick and convenient.  If you are not concerned about your health or weight loss goals, then that’s fine. But if you are concerned, you might want to re-think that plan. So what are your options?

Plan for the holidays:

Prepare a stack load of food that you can cook and freeze so that when you are taking a day trip, it’s as simple as remove from the freezer, pack in your eski  and head off to your road trip! What kind of food can you cook and freeze that is simple, quick and delicious? Here is a list of suggestions: (click on the item for recipe)

What else can you pack in your picnic basket for lunch?

  • Olives
  • Full Fat Cheese, preferably organic and/or raw (Feta, Organic Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Ricotta, Cottage)
  • Diced Leg ham (not light, honey or champagne as have too much sugar)
  • Prosciutto
  • Grilled Peppers

What can you pack as snacks?

  • Homemade air-popped or butter pan popped popcorn (microwave popcorn has transfats, stay away from those)
  • Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Capsicum sticks served with Hummus Dip or Tzatziki Dip or Avocado & Feta Dip
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Raspberry & Coconut Muffins (add some cacao crunch in them for chocolate chips)
  • Coconut Chips
  • Raw mixed nuts (not peanuts they are not nuts, they are legumes)
  • Fruit that is in season (berries are awesome!)
  • Sesame nut bars

What drinks can you pack?

  • The best drink is obviously water
  • Iced Coconut Water
  • Make a massive jar of homemade iced tea with herbal tea like ‘Raspberry, Strawberry and Boysenberry’

So as you can see, packing a picnic lunch is perfectly simple, low carb, no simple sugars, perfect for your health and weight loss goals, whilst still enjoying simple, quick and delicious meals, that will also keep your budget under control! So now you can spend those extra dollars on fun things like more buckets, shovels, and water guns! 🙂

Terri Batsakis