Giving Up A Bad Habit

1. Set Some Goals

Once you identify the behavior that you want to change, there are a few goals you need to set. The first is the date that you want to begin, what exactly are you aiming for ? When do you want it achieved by (be realistic) 

2. Track Your Progress

When you start trying to get rid of a bad habit, try to keep track of your progress and note the times that you fail. This can help you find patterns where you’re most likely to give into temptation so that you can avoid those situations in the future. Using a daily journal or phone to track it.

3. Be Realistic

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to go cold turkey. For instance, this will be especially hard if you are trying to quit smoking or cut back on your caffeine intake. Similarly, you can’t bust your bad habit of skipping workouts by forcing yourself to run 5 miles every day. Ease into your new routine and give yourself time to adjust if necessary.

4. Change Your Routine

Sometimes your old routines – even those that seem unrelated to your bad habit – can hold you back from making a change. For example, you might want to drive a different way home from work if your old route has you tempted to stop for a fast food dinner. Avoid friends whom you tend to smoke or drink around, or meet them in places where these aren’t the main activities.

5. Make Your Temptations Less Available!!! 

6. Be Prepared For Obstacles

As habit self-control is much like a muscle in that after you exercise it, it may be temporarily tired. Basically, you may think you have your bad habit under control only to give into temptation the next day. Setbacks are to be expected – instead of being discouraged, find ways to avoid them or try new strategies for resisting temptation.

7. Focus On Today

While you might want to cut out sweets to lose weight for your wedding that’s six months away, it’s better to focus on the day-to-day habits you’re kicking. The temptation for those bad habits might be stronger than you expected, and if your only motivation is off in the future, you may be more likely to give up. With this kind of challenge, it’s better to go one day at a time.

8. Replace Your Old Habits

For instance, instead of getting into the habit of lying around watching TV after work, go for a brisk walk With the dog , walk to supermarket for your groceries etc

9. Reward Yourself

If  you’re trying to give up sweets, don’t reward your hard work of staying away from them with a giant piece of cake. Instead, put a dollar in a jar for every day that you go without sweets, then use that money to buy yourself a new pair of jeans since your old ones may be too big before you know it. The same can be done with the money you would’ve used to buy cigarettes or your daily coffee.!! 

10. Stick To Your Guns

Kayla Leibhardt