Holding Diary Can Help You Lose Weight!

food-diaryDo you remember holding a diary as a child? Where you poured your heart out, knowing nobody was going to read it. You always felt better after a good emotional vomit into the diary!

Did you know that if you do the same thing as an adult, you are more likely to live a happy, healthier, well round life? Especially for the people trying to lose weight.

People often struggle (particurlaly in the beginning stages of weight loss) to keep up their clean eating and exercise regime. The hormones are running ramped, being used to eating all sorts of sugars and other addictive foods. The heart is saying ‘don’t do it’ the brain is saying ‘eat it, I need my fix’!! You look in the mirror and can almost see the devil and angel sitting on your shoulders yelling at you from both sides!!!

If you write down all your emotions, what has happened during that day, what you have or haven’t eaten, what times you ate etc you will eventually notice a pattern in your life. It might be that every single time ‘x’ happens, you  then find yourself wanting to eat ‘y’. Or if you go for more than 3 hours with no food then you crave ‘y’. Or you might notice that if you have less than 8 hours sleep you crave ‘y’ etc

When you start to identify these patterns, you will then be able to adjust the event, the behavior and the consequence. So for example, you might say ‘I have noticed that if I don’t eat every 3 hours I become feral and snappy and then dive for the chocolate. Therefore I am going to set my alarm on my phone to ensure I eat every single 3 hours to avoid getting grumpy and avoid eating the chocolate!’

The other wonderful thing about holding a diary is that you get to stress release by vomiting all your emotional baggage, getting it out of your head and heart and onto paper. This will reduce your Cortisol levels (stress induced hormone that prevents weight loss) which will help you in your weight loss goals! 

So invest in a journal today! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, an exercise book will suffice!

Happy writing!

Terri Batsakis