How do you lose weight and have your body working at its optimum capacity without medication?

antibioticsEating the way humans were designed to eat!

In simple terms…

Eat the way we use to eat 10,000 years ago and before, the way humans were meant to eat before the invention of:

machines, microwaves, mass production, Genetic Modifications, pesticides, chemicals, additives, preservatives, colourings, mass agriculture, processed foods, soft drinks, energy drinks, fast food, supermarkets, alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, legal drugs, supplements, pharmaceuticals of all sorts, convenience, convenience, convenience!!!

What should you eat?

Fresh foods such as lean meat, chicken or seafood, vegetables, fruit, organic dairy

How much should you eat?

As much as you want, your body will tell you when you are full because your “I’m full” hormone Leptin, will control your fuel tank (stomach)

What should you NOT eat?

Anything processed! Anything that has additives, preservatives, colouring or is a ‘ready-to-go’ meal! All fast food, convenience food and is ‘mass produced’.


Because humans are a species of animals. How many animals do you know that eat what we eat? Only the ones we control such as household pets (canned food) or farmed animals (fed on grains). Animals that survive in the wild, like humans from the cave era, eat anything they can hunt for, pick or gather. Our bodies are not designed to survive and function at optimal capacity, on processed foods. Even without exercise, eating a fresh food diet will increase your energy levels, improve your moods, regulate your hormones, remove cravings, addictions, improve your sex drive, increase your reproductive success, improve your sleeping, reduce your risk of Obesity, High blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Coeliac’s Disease, and many more ‘man-made illnesses’!

“But my body needs Carbs!”

Absolutely! And it’s getting them! From Fruit and Vegetables!!

“How do you transform your way of eating, when you have been eating your way your whole life?”

1 thing at a time. Change 1 thing every week. Every week, you will be 1 step closer to eating the optimum way and 1 step closer to your body functioning at its optimum. This time next year, you will be 52 times than you are today!

“My kids are resisting!”

Educate your children on what various foods are doing to them. Hold a diary of what they are currently eating and their current way of feeling and behaving (eg tantrums, mood swings, head-aches, lethargy, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, medication). Educate them on how it is effective them as an individual not just what the literature is telling us. Show them how to make better choices. Let them make the choices too. Remove temptations from the house so reduce the desire. If you are changing 1 thing per week for yourself, get your kids to change 1 thing per fortnight. This won’t be so stressful on anybody. They will learn a lot from the journey they take and it will set them up for life, voluntarily. If you just remove things and tell them they can’t have them, as per human nature, they will resist. If you educate them and they choose things themselves, they will succeed long term.

 “But others are giving my kids food they shouldn’t be eating. How do I stop that?”

Educate the ‘others’ in the same way as the children, gradually they will come to the party. Unless something is going to risk your child’s life (eg peanut allergy or Coeliac’s Disease or an intolerance) then don’t stress too much if your child has something unfavourable from somebody else. Firstly, 1 here and there won’t be enough to do any long term damage, and secondly it will only reinforce what you are teaching your child, because they will not like what it does to their body, once their body is not use to eating it anymore. If it is a life threatening item, then make it quite clear to the person that they are risking your child’s life and that now that you have warned them of this allergy, they will be up for manslaughter if they do not adhere to your request. This normally works.

“I don’t want my kids feeling left out, eating differently to other children”

Do you want your child to succumb to peer group pressure? Do you want your child to do something simply because it’s ‘in’ or ‘trendy’? Wouldn’t you rather your child make their own choices? Do what they want to do? Be a ‘leader’ not a ‘follower’? If all the other kids are doing illegal drugs are you going to be okay with your kids doing illegal drugs too so that they don’t feel left out? Or are you going to teach them the risks and negative effects of the illegal drugs? Processed foods are the same as illegal drugs. There is too much money in it to make these foods illegal just like cigarettes, despite their risks. What’s the difference if your child has ‘Ecstasy’ or ‘processed foods’? Both will kill them, it’s just that the processed foods will torment their bodies for a longer period of time before it ends it! So I ask you, why are you taking away your child’s right to a long, healthy, fulfilling life, simply so they can ‘fit in’ with a society that is slowly killing them? Medicating them to make them ‘normal’ instead of teaching them how to make the right choices in food so their brain function and hormones work at its optimum, is easier for you, but a cop out for the child. It isn’t fair to your child. Give them the best chance in life, even if you yourself have to work extra hard to achieve this. When they are an optimal functioning adult, they will thank you for it.

“My husband is resisting!”

Same thing goes as with kids. Exactly the same!

So, when are you going to start to transform your family into eating the fresh food way?

– Terri Batsakis

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