How to Stay Motivated

How do I stay motivated?

Tip #1: Think Positively

Sometimes when I feel like I want to give up on training, what I do is think positive thoughts. I think about why I am exercising and the benefits from doing my workout. Not only do I think about the physical benefits but how it will mentally and psychologically benefit me.  I praise myself and my achievements. I visualize the end result

Tip #2 – Set Goals

When I begin any workout, whether it is for Taekwondo, Strength Development or even for General Health & Well Being, I tend to set myself some goals. Short Term goals e.g. what I would like to achieve within that session and Long term goals, what I would like to achieve in 10, 15 or even 20 sessions. By doing this it keeps me alert and on my toes, it allows me to push myself to be the best I possibly can.

Tip #3 – Imagine

I am very competitive, so what I do is throughout my Workout I pretend and imagine that I am in a race and that the exercise I’m currently doing is part of that race. My aim within that race is to be the Strongest, Fastest & Quickest Person. By using my imagination it motivates me to push allot harder and train a lot better, because lets all be honest, we all hate to lose

Tip #4 – Listen To Those Beats

I think the most important part about staying motivated is the type of music you listen to while training. Training Music makes a HUGE difference. On my IPod I have several play lists, my everyday music and my Workout Music. My workout music contains tracks with very high and fast beats. It pumps me up, and compliments the intensity of the training session I am currently undertaking.. But that’s just me, everyone has their own style, so be creative and take your workout to the next level!!

Tip #5 – Change Your Focus

Change the way you look at a workout! How do children run around all day, jump on things, carry things and don’t get tired or don’t get bored?? Well the secret is…… It’s a game!! For children running, jumping, crawling etc are part of what they call fun, to the rest of us exercise has unfortunately become a chore, No one enjoys it anymore. Yes I’ve had days where I hated training, and I’ve just wanted to give up and quit, but coming back to the first Tip, I think of the End Result.

That is just a few things I do to stay motivated, what is yours? Feel Free to approach any of our trainers or even myself to have a chat about any of this stuff.

Kaan Kahraman