Lose Weight With Education

Meal plans keep you yo-yo dieting! If you want to lose weight permanently, you must get educated and plan your own meals:

Most people expect to be given a ready made meal plan that they can stick to, in order to eat well for weight loss.

The problem with this method, is that you may not feel like that particular meal at that particular time, it is not something you can sustain long term, these meals normally come with instructions to measure and way your food specifically, counting calories and most times, these meals leave you feeling hungry shortly after wards!

The best tips I can offer you for maximum results:

  • Hold a food diary that your Trainer can analyze for you and tailor to your life style, according to your health history.
  • Get educated; attend every single workshop and learn everything you can about different foods and what they do for your body.
  • Listen to your Trainer, and trust what they are telling you. After all they have your best interest at heart. your success, is their success.
  • Ask your Trainer lots of questions, and listen to the answer.

Only then will you be informed enough to be able to make educated decision about what you are eating, and eat food that will be satisfying, filling, nutritious, sustainable and assist in weight loss, permanently!

Terri Batsakis