Natalie’s Chicken Curry Stirfry


  • chicken fillet, no skin. Cut into strips
  • broccoli florets
  • carrots, sliced into rounds
  • mushrooms, sliced
  • green and red capsicums, cut into strips
  • brown onion, peeled and cut into wedges
  • zucchini, sliced into rounds. 
  • spinach leaves
  • coconut oil (about a tablespoons)
  • curry powder
  • cracked pepper, optional
  • chilli flakes, optional


  • melt coconut oil, cook chicken strips until cooked thru.
  • add vegetables, except spinach leaves.
  • leave to cook until vegetables almost cooked through.
  • sprinkle curry powder, cracked pepper And chilli flakes, toss.
  • add spinach leaves and mix around.
  • if it looks a little dry add a splash of boiled water.
  • Eat and enjoy.

** Quantities are to your own personal preference.

Natalie Datavera

Note from Terrific Fitness – Recipe is suitable for people with Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance!