Respect Your Body! Your Life Depends On It!

Are you a wage/salary earner?

Do you find you have certain targets you must achieve in order to be given that bonus/pay rise?  Do you have certain Key Performance Indicators in order to be able to keep your job? Do you find yourself putting in the extra hours if your boss asks you to, to stay on the good books? Do you do overtime for that bit of extra cash? Do you work through lunch ‘to get the job’ done because that’s what your boss expects of you? Or because you have customers to serve and simply can’t take the break?

Are you a Tradie or Labourer?

Do you find yourself working regardless of the elements? Come rain, hail or scorching sun, you’re out there, digging, hammering, painting etc? Do you find yourself skipping meals to finish the job so that you don’t have to hang around till midnight?

Are you self employed/business owner?

Do you find yourself working around the clock to make your business successful? Do you sacrifice family time because something in your business needs to get done, otherwise you risk losing money, and the family will suffer anyway?

Let me get this straight; you get up when the alarm goes off even though you are not finished sleeping yet. You fight the traffic or catch public transport so that you can spend hours slaving away doing all of the above things for $$$. Hours, away from your friends and family, away from all the hobbies you enjoy. OK so you now have the $$$ so you can pay the bills, drive a car, have somewhere to live, go out and party, holiday, buy the luxuries of life. Is this right? Sounds like a good plan to me. …or does it?

Let me ask you one more question then:

What good is $$$ and all the things it can buy you, if your health suffers, and you can’t go out and enjoy the things you love, you are too sick to spend time with your friends and family, or worse, you are given a death sentence?

Why don’t people put the same time and effort into their bodies, as they do in their jobs?

You can’t tell me you love every single little aspect of your job. You can’t tell me that you love every single person you work with. You can’t tell me you love every single little task you have to perform at work. Well the same goes for your body! You don’t have to love every single little thing you put in your mouth; but if it’s good for you, just do it!

Yes it would be awesome to eat whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, do zero exercise and not risk Obesity, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Kidney Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and so many more lovely illnesses associated with poor nutrition and lack of exercise. But you can’t get away with this, anymore than you can go to sleep in front of you computer at work, or sitting on top of the house frame on a building site, during working hours. Well, you could, but there would be consequences. You don’t ignore these consequences, so why ignore the consequences when it comes to your body? Even if you are lucky enough not to be feeling the effects yet, you will, eventually!  It is inevitable!

So why not give yourself the best chance, at living the best life, for as long as you are on this earth?

It’s true that in today’s day and age almost everything affects us in some way shape or form.  Many people use the attitude “everything affects us so why not just enjoy it whilst it lasts”. That’s fine, as long as you accept that you will be limited in what you can do, and for how long. You WILL NOT have the energy, strength, stamina, ability, and longevity in life, to be able to do the things you love for long. You are cheating yourself. You don’t cheat your boss, but you cheat yourself!!! I don’t get it!

Have you noticed that by the time you have finished dinner, you are so tired all you do is sit in front of the TV and veg, or just go to sleep? Have you noticed that you are grumpy more often than not? Do you find yourself with a lower sex drive simply because you are just too tired? Do you find that your kids outrun you at the park and you just sit back and watch them have fun, instead of joining in for too long? Do you not realise this has EVERYTHING to do with what you ARE  and ARE NOT eating, and your lack of exercise?

You only get one shot in life!

In the words of Shannon Ponton (The Biggest Loser Australia) “Control the controllables!”

It really is quite a simple concept:

·      Reduce your daily saturated and trans fats intake

·      Reduce your daily intake of processed sugars

·      Reduce your daily sodium intake

·      Eat well balanced meals according to the “Australian Recommended Daily Intake”

·      Watch your portion sizes

·      Have regular nutritious snacks

·      Keep ‘take out’ meals to once a week.

·      Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum, avoid bingeing

·      Do not smoke – period!

·      Do not take drugs – period!

·      Drink plenty of water

·      Get regular exercise (at least 30 mins a day of moderate exercise – huffy puffy stuff)

·      Get plenty of sleep (6-8 hours per night)

·      Keep your stress levels down, or create strategies for coping with high stress

·      Laugh as much as possible!

If you look at these points as your “Key Performance Indicators” of your life, you will find yourself feeling so much healthier, happier, fitter, stronger, more energetic, and at a vastly reduced risk of so many health issues! You owe it to yourself!

Go on, “Live Life Actively”

Written by,

Terri Batsakis

(Terrific Fitness – Personal Trainer)

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