Shopping Tips for Healthy Eating and Assisting Weight Loss

The key to healthy eating and losing weight is preparation:

  • Spend some time before you go grocery shopping writing down a meal plan for the week.
  • What are going to eat (for every single meal), everyday, for the next 7 days?
  • Do this for everyone in the household.
  • Once you have worked out what you are going to eat, you can prepare a list of ingredients that you will require.
  • Check what you already have, and list anything that is missing.
  • When you go shopping, buy only the things that you require according to the week’s meal plan. This way, you will save money as there will be no waste, no purchasing foods you are not really going to use, and you are going to guarantee a good nutritious meal each and every time.
  • You won’t be stumped with what to prepare at each meal, pushed for time, stuck without ingredients, and therefore you will be less inclines to binge eat rubbish! Organization is the key!!!
  • Plan ahead, prepare, and conquer!

Terri Batsakis