What’s in season to eat this Spring?

Eating fruit and vegetables that are in season has vast array of benefits:

What’s in season during spring?

  • You can purchase them fresh directly from your local markets and farmers for maximum nutrient benefits
  • The fruit and vegetables you  purchase have a higher quality of nutrients as they are fresh, not imported. Fruit and Vegetables that are available but not in season have normally been imported and so have been picked weeks and sometimes months before they get to the store. This means that most of the nutrients have in fact been dissolved. This is the other reason why they have no flavor.
  • In season fruit and vegetables are rich in flavor and aroma.
  • In season means that they are also crisper and fresher, not wilted and shriveled.
  • The produce that is in season is also much, much cheaper than produce that has to be imported, so your pocket benefits too!

Leafy Greens are huge this season, which are high in Vitamin C, K, Magnesium, and Potassium. All nutrients that increase our immune system and help in balancing our mood, which is one of the other reasons people are happier in the warmer weather!

And let’s face it, with so many wonderful vegetables available it is much simpler to throw a salad together and get on with living than worry about winter warmer meals that take ages to prepare! So each in season produce and enjoy not only the health benefits, but the time and financial benefits as well!

So what’s in season?

Early Spring:

Apples Artichokes
Murcot Asparagus
Grapefruit Beetroot
Mandarins Broccoli
Oranges – Blood & Seville Carrots
Pawpaw Cauliflower
Pineapple Celeriac
Strawberries Celery
Pomelo Lettuce
Tangelo Onions, spring
  Silver beet

Late Spring:

Apples Artichokes
Avocados Asian greens
Bananas Asparagus
Blueberries Beans, green
Grapefruit Cucumber
Oranges – Valencia Lettuce
Passionfruit Onions, spring
Pawpaw Peas
Pineapple Potatoes
Rockmelon Silver beet
Strawberries Spinach

Terri Batsakis