Eating Healthy Over Easter – Tip 2

Happy Easter 2Easter is around the corner. The easter eggs and hot cross buns are out with a vengeance! Tempting? For some people I guess they will be. For others, it’s just another event, no big deal.

Easter represents many different things to different people, just like all events. The question is, how do you confront the Easter celebrations without throwing all your hard work out the window? How do you avoid ruining your excellent nutrition lifestyle and maintain your exercise level, with so much going on? It can be totally overwhelming.

I prefer to continue to eat clean regardless of the celebrations, however we are all different, so if you would like to treat yourself, here is what I recommend:

  • Rather than eating well 80% of the time leading up to Easter, eat 100% well for at least 2 weeks prior, so that the 4 days of the celebrations are not going to put a dent into your lifestyle in the scheme of things. A ripple in the ocean really.
  • If you are going to indulge in chocolate, at least choose chocolate that is going to be a super high quality, preferably dark (or raw cacao) and  not sweetened with sugar (go for chocolate that is sweetened with stevia). Better yet, make your own chocolate using Christine Cronau’s recipe in her book “Great Health is a Piece of Cake”
  • Make your own Hot Cross Buns so you can use nice clean ingredients
  • Make a conscious decision about which days/meals/times you will indulge in and what that indulging item is going to be. This will prevent you from impulse eating and bingeing. Planned treats are always much more controlled and do not come with any guilty feelings.
  • Create a Sunday menu that will include lots of fresh nutritious food low in processed food and carbs. Include lots of good fats (coconut oil, avocado, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, organic butter, organic cream). These will counterbalance the insulin reaction of your ‘sweet treats’ as any time you consume sweet with good fat, you have a more controlled insulin spike.
  • Get a really good night’s sleep Saturday night, to avoid the sugar cravings that accompany tiredness, for your Sunday meal.
  • End your Sunday with a really great workout! Just to make you feel better mentally about having a bit of indulgence.
  • Once the Easter festivities are over, accept what you have eaten for that period. Do not feel any guilt (guilt is an emotion connected with moral behavior; food is simply fuel for the body. The 2 should never be connected). Reflect on how you have felt with the choices you have made so that you know what your body is telling you. And finally, move forward! Look to the future, pick up where you left off, and keep going. What’s done is done!

Happy Easter!

Terri Batsakis