Eating Healthy Over Easter – Tip 1

Happy EasterWhilst Easter is a great opportunity to socialize with family & friends, celebrate the season and relax over the long weekend. Sometimes the traditional “extras” of Easter like all the enticing chocolate Easter eggs, can become a little too much!!

Here are some tips to help you keep the Easter munches at a minimum and resist having just “one more” too many times:



  • Try and plan activities from home that will encourage exercise & bring your family & friends together. You may want to organize and Easter hunt, or set up activities in the back yard like an Easter egg & spoon race for the kids (or even the adults) Instead of the prize being chocolate use your imagination and come up with something different.
  • Weather permitting head down to the park or even the beach. There are lots of activities you can do at these venues.
  • If you have to have chocolate, choose small dark plain chocolate over large filled eggs that have caramel, cream of other fillings. Dark chocolate will satisfy your chocolate craving, thus eating less, and even more so it’s a healthier option.
  • Don’t buy extra eggs after the Easter period because they are on special. Remember: Easter is not a time to over indulge. It shouldn’t last for weeks because your fridge is overstocked and the specials were too hard to resist. The most common one is that the kids get so many eggs that we don’t want to waste them, so we help out be eating them to get rid of them. Does this sound familiar?? Resist the temptation…think about your goals and how well your coming along…. Don’t ruin it now!
  • Hot cross buns – we always know when Easter is near. They are always in supermarkets months before. Unfortunately as much as people love them, they have no nutritional value and are loaded with lots of sugar. How about making a small batch of your own with clean fresh ingredients.
  • Easter is a great time to include more fish in your diet, this will ensure you are getting your Omega 3’s. Avoid fish being fried in oil. Place some butter in a frying pan and cook it that way… Yum! There are many ways to cook your fish; try BBQ’ing, grilling or baking. Add some herbs & spices and a squeeze of lemon…. Delish!

Keeping these tips in mind of the Easter period should help you are your family stay healthy, happy and full of energy without over indulging in Easter madness.

Remember that Easter is a time for a small treat and it’s still possible to enjoy yourself without going overboard.

Happy Easter !!

Grace Anamourlis