Exercise Challenge – High Intensity Interval Training

Perform each exercise for 1 min then rest for 20 secs._DSC4280 (Custom)

Repeat circuit 3+ times:

  • High Knees with hands on your head (not behind your head, on top of your head!)
  • Shadow boxing, (standing on your toes, avoid placing your heels down)
  • Sqauts (bring your butt down lower than the level of your knees, ensure your feels are always on the floor!)
  • Push ups (do not perform push ups on your knees; if you cannot perform them on your toes then place your hands on a chair or against the wall until you perfect the technique and build your strength)
  • Left leg stepping lunges (stepping forward with your left leg, lung, then step back, repeat)
  • Mountain climbers (ensure your head is raised until your neck is in neutral position and your butt is down, creating a nice flat back. Draw your knees in towards your chest, alternating feet)
  • Right leg stepping lunges (as above)
  • Shoulder Taps (Go down into push up position, on toes. Instead of performing push ups, tap your shoulder with the opposite hand without raising or dipping your pelvis)
  • Star Jumps (ensure your arms are straight, no bent elbows. Have your palms facing the ground and raise only to shoulder level. Do not slap the side of your thighs as your bring your hands down)
  • Burpees with a Push Up (ensure your butt is down and head is raised so spine is in neutral position)

Have fun…