Exercise Challenge: Interval Training

Equipment needed: Skipping RopeSkipping Rope

Today’s training simply involves 2 exercises. 

Complete each as per below instructions for a total of 20 minutes for an awesome intervals sessions, perfect for fat burning whilst still working on your lean muscle mass.

  • Skip for 1 minute
  • x5 Push Ups (opt for push ups on your toes over your knees. You will perfect your technique better and achieve more results, faster. If you are not quite ready for Push Ups on your toes on the floor, perform them with your hands against the wall, or on a kitchen bench or on a chair, to begin with. As you get stronger, move to the next level as per this list, until you are on the floor.)

Keep repeating both exercises until your 20 minutes are up!

Happy Training folks!

Terri Batsakis