Motivation, the Health Creator

MotivationLifestyle changes can make a difference to many things like weight loss to better self-esteem or even diseases.

How many times have you set a goal only for your intentions to dwindle?

Look at ways to keep the healthy habit permanently.

Whether it’s losing weight or increasing fitness, motivation is essential if you want to succeed.

Learn to recognize when you’re having a moment that you’re feeling unmotivated so that you can get on top of it and do something about it.

We all have lazy moments, but successful people are the ones who have developed strategies for overcoming their slow or sluggish days.

Here are a few tips for how to get motivated and establish good habits that we require.

  • Set Goals – write them down and make it happen

Sit down and write a description of your life or your achievement, as though it has already happened or happening now. Writing in the present tense makes it more achievable mentally. This could be losing 20kgs in 12 months or successfully quitting smoking. Whatever it is, make the description as detailed as possible.

Place it up on the fridge to remind yourself of what you are striving towards.

  • Have the tools to succeed

It’s much easier to get motivated if you have the right tools. This may be as simple as having a good pair of runners that are fitted according to your foot or comfortable training attire, if your goal is to be a better runner.

  • Be realistic

It’s important to give yourself realistic goals and don’t expect a quick fix. Life changes don’t happen overnight. It takes time & determination and most of the time we face challenges too.

You are more likely to succeed if you take things one step at a time with smaller achievable goals and build towards a new, improved, healthier you.

  • Work with a Personal Trainer or Life Coach

A Personal Trainer or Life Coach will be able to discuss with you want you want to achieve and design a program to assist you in improving your chances of success. Regular contact will keep you on track and ensure you don’t fall off the wagon.

A great way to find a Personal Trainer or Life Coach is by recommendation from others.

  • Reward yourself

Promise yourself rewards if you succeed in fulfilling goals, such as a holiday if you quit smoking. You can also give yourself smaller rewards for your short term or smaller goals that you have set for yourself, for example a visit to a day spa for some pampering.

Regardless of what goals you set out to achieve it’s always important to re-visit them on a regular basis. Ask yourself what you have achieved and adjust your goals accordingly. Some will be short term and others may take a little longer. No matter what journey you take to get there, your determination will allow you to achieve whatever you desire.