The Benefits of Holding a Food Diary:

Danielle Fancellu - before and afterWhen it comes to weight loss and health & fitness goals, the most successful people, keep a food diary. Holding a food diary has a range of different benefits:

  • Helps you recognize exactly how much, or how little, food and liquid you are consuming
  • The types of products you are consuming
  • The times you are consuming them
  • The effects different products have on your body
  • Keeps you accountable and on track, eating food that is favorable for your goals so that you are not tempted to ‘sneak’ in something extra (‘no-one will know’ – though your body will know!)
  • Helps you identify triggers i.e. helps identify if you are an emotional eater (eat when stressed, bored, sad etc) or on the other hand, if you actually starve yourself as a result of an emotional situation (have no time, too busy, too stressed)

By participating in the Food Diary Analysis Program with Terrific Fitness, you are then able to submit your food diary to your Trainer for analysis. This means that they can analyze your food diary and give you feedback on food that is unfavorable for your individual specific goals. They will then also offer you suggestions of things that you can substitute things with, new recipes, new ideas and ways to handle those pesky situations like office meetings, morning teas etc. It is also your opportunity to be able to ask any questions you might have relating to your nutrition, that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to ask. It is like PT but with your nutrition. Your Trainer is always there for you; above and beyond your training programs. This is an awesome program to substitute your training with, and get super results, heaps faster!

Another benefit is that your Trainers can also help identify any possible issues that may be underlying that you may not be aware of. For example things like Insulin resistance, a food intolerance etc that they can then refer you on to perhaps a Naturopath or Endocrinologist, if they do suspect something else going on.

Danielle Fancellu, (pictured above) has been with Terrific Fitness for 6 months and has seen some sensational results. Danielle has always kept a food diary. Here is what Danielle has to say about the program:

“After spending a good part of 2012 trying to improve my health, fitness and diet I decided to participate in the Terrific challenge last August.  One of the requirements was to keep a food diary that would be submitted to Terri weekly. This forced me to be honest with myself about everything I was eating and helped me recognize triggers ( both emotional and physical ) that certain foods caused. The feedback and advice that Terri provided in her feedback was invaluable and has been the number one reason why I have chosen to continue keeping a food diary long after the challenge concluded.

My personal experience with keeping a food diary has been extremely positive. By doing this I have been able to:

Eat fresh, delicious and filling food;

Beat a sugar addiction

Be accountable & stay on track;

Understand the effect the certain foods have on my body;

and Pick the brain of someone who has travelled this journey previously.

Initially having someone analyze every morsel of food you put in your mouth can be quite confronting. However the reality is if you are serious about achieving your goals – whether it be improving your diet, weight loss, beating sugar addiction, reversing insulin resistance – the best place to start is looking at the foods you are eating as this is probably causing most of these issues.

If you are desperate to make the change and willing to be 100% honest with yourself (otherwise there is no point ) I think this is the best way to start that journey.

Terri’s feedback is always honest, constructive and well thought out. She has always taken the time to answer my every question and provide me with tips and ideas on how I can improve what I’m doing & keep things interesting.

It is encouraging to know that you are not the only one who wants you to succeed.” – Danielle Fancellu, Thomastown