Tummy, Hips and Thighs!

2012-04-05 Terrific Fitness 018Nothing beats an awesome session of THT!

  1. x50 Seated single leg raises
  2. x30 Squat Jacks
  3. x30 Revers Curls
  4. x30 2 legged, laying leg raises
  5. x30 Squats Jumps, touch the ground, and reach above your head
  6. x100 Reaching Crunches – legs in the air with flexed feet, try and touch your ankles
  7. x30 Squat Kicks
  8. x50 Left Rotator Knees
  9. x50 Right Rotator Knees
  10. x30 Straight legged sit ups with flexed feet

This should take about half an hour. Repeat each exercise with no rest in between for maximum results.