What can you eat instead of lollies, chocolate, biscuits and pasta?

Carousel 1 (1)Last week I asked you all to give me a list of things you struggled with so that I would give you a healthier alternative. The most common ones we got from that list are: Bread, biscuits, pasta, chips, chocolate, lollies, wine, and cakes. Notice a common factor here? They are all food containing something that is addictive. This is why you are struggling to let them go! Alcohol, caffeine or sugar (or fructose) are the addictive ingredients.

Wine – Let’s tackle the wine first, cos that’s the easiest. If we are talking about a glass of wine on the weekend, then go ahead and enjoy, opt for red over wine as that’s your healthier option. When we head towards more of a binge addiction, I recommend you talk to Counseling Professionals which can help you with alcoholism as that is out of my realm.

Pasta – Let’s face it, the best part of any pasta is the sauce. So rather than adding your sauce on top of pasta you can use your favorite vegetable such as shreds of zucchini (the most common option), sweet potato chips, cauliflower, cauliflower mash, broccoli, snow peas, green beans. You can also go for a healthy alternative of Quinoa or Rice if you are not concerned about weight loss. These can also be good options if you are going to limit these meals to only once per week.

Coke – Is one of those beverages I’m afraid that you really can’t get an alternative for. It is highly addictive because of all the fructose in it together with the caffeine (double wammy!) and so needs to be dealt with as any addition; either wean off it or go cold turkey. A method many of my clients have used that has helped them is substituting the coke with either Raw C Coconut Water or making a cup of herbal iced tea. You can get some great herbal teas these days such as Raspberry, Rosewater, Lemon & Ginger, Peach etc. Make a liter of your fave (1 cup of hot water to 1 serve of tea), allow it to cool, then place in fridge. This is a great refreshing option.

Bread – What is it about bread that is so breathtaking? So many people struggle to let it go. The answer, the ingredients are addictive. Apart from the amount of sugar in it, the processed carbs in it are also addictive. How so? Well, when you eat carbohydrates your body releases Serotonin the happy hormone. So eating high carb foods make you feel good, literally, which means you want to keep eating it! It’s really that simple. You will find that by simply changing the carbohydrate to a more nutritious option such as sweet potato, organic corn, rice, quinoa, turnips, beetroot, snow peas, carrots, or pumpkin, you will satisfy the desire for the Serotonin hit without eating something without any nutritious value. If you are worried about weight loss, focus on eating these carb options, together with a protein source, before and after exercise so that you can enjoy them without the negative effects on your weight loss goals. The carbs before and after exercise will help your body absorb the protein from your food much more efficiently, repairing and rebuilding your muscles. The carbs will be consumed for recovery. Also, they will assist in reducing the cortisol levels that raise during exercise.

Biscuits – One option to replace your biscuits with are nuts. When I say nuts, I don’t mean peanuts (they are legumes not nuts and most people cannot digest them efficiently because they do not get activated before consumption. That’s a different topic for another day). Opt for nuts like Brazil nuts, Cashews, Almonds or Macadamias. Opt for raw unheated (pre-roasted nuts are carcinogenic).

The other option is to make your own biscuits using clean ingredients so that at least you know you are eating quality, nutritious snacks. Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Christmas Meal Plan book has a delicious recipe in it “Ginger Bread Cookies”. My kids love these!

Chips, Lollies, Cakes etc – Christine Cronau in her book Great Health is a Piece of Cake also has some wonderful recipes like Corn Chips, Corn Bread, Buttered Pop Corn, Vegetable Pakoras, Potato Chips, Ice-Cream, Jelly, Sorbet, Custard, Bliss Balls, Almond Cookies, Apricot Slice, Chocolate, Apricot & Coconut Cookies, Apple Pies, Pancakes, Mousse, Cheesecake, and many other cakes and muffins. We sell this book in our store so you are welcome to purchase it from us using the code FREESHIP for free shipping on all your purchases. We can also stock you with most of the ingredients Christine uses 🙂

And finally Terrific Fitness has also put together a stack load of recipes that you can make that are quick and simple, delicious, nutritious and perfect for weight loss! You can access these for FREE on our website. You can either click on the link to go to the full list, or hover over ‘Recipes’ for a breakdown of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts, or access them direct from this blog by clicking on the category and going straight to the page.

Coffee – Black espresso coffee is in fact very good for, especially right before a workout. Charles Poliquin explains this brilliantly, I won’t be able to top his explanation so check it out. Do keep to 2-3 per day though, as with all things, too much of anything starts being not so good!

“Portion Control” came up as an issue for a few people; when you are eating wholesome nutritious food without consuming sugar (fructose) and processed carbs then your hormones will be working efficiently. This means that your body will be able to make its own decision for portion control, and you won’t need to count calories or weigh food. For more information on this download my FREE eBook Food to Eat For Weight Loss for a thorough explanation.

Hopefully this will help you all with those little struggles.

Allow me to finish on this note; food is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is food, it does not hold a moral value to it. Too many folks get caught up on labels. ‘Paleo’, ‘Clean Eating’, ‘If It Fits Your Macros’, ‘Low Carb High Protein’, etc etc I don’t like labels. They are restrictive. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Every single person is an individual with individual requirements for their health and well being. Some have intolerances, allergies, moral or cultural restrictions, taste preferences, etc. All of these need to be taken into consideration when determining a person’s “diet” or “nutrition plan”. I like to teach people to eat wholesome fresh food that is full of nutrients and energy that their body needs for optimum health. A weight lifter will need different energy to a marathon runner. A sedentary person different again, as will a pregnant woman, versus a Diabetic, versus someone with Coeliac Disease etc. This is also why we do not write “meal plans” for people.

We do not consider any food to be ‘bad’ food. We call it ‘sometimes’ food. ‘Sometimes’ meaning you will consume it no more than once per week, preferably per fortnight. Let’s face it, we are all human and everybody likes to indulge in their favorite ‘something’ once in a while. It’s not big deal! Unless of course you’re allergic to it, then yes it is a big deal 😉

We also do not promote ‘guilty feelings’ when dealing with food. NEVER feel guilty about consuming a ‘sometimes’ food. Even if you have consumed it more frequently than ‘sometimes’. Accept that you have eaten it, take note of what it means to your health and goals, and move forward. Tomorrow is a new day.

We at Terrific Fitness educate people on food, take their individual body and requirements into consideration and teach them to eat according to their individual needs. Every single person is different and so is their fuel requirement. We teach a general all round way of eating as a perfect starting point (refer to my eBook) then adapt accordingly for each individual. If you would like more information on having a Nutrition Consultation with us, contact us. We conduct one on one Nutrition Counseling Sessions.

If you have found this article to be valuable and informative, don’t forget to share the love with your friends and family and help them with their health journey too.

Have an awesome day, and remember, “Live life actively!”

Terri Batsakis