Eggs…Eat Up!

So you have been told that eating too many eggs are no good for you…

Eggs have been demonized for the past few decades supposedly having too much cholesterol in them.


Fact: 85% of the cholesterol in your body is made by your body. Cholesterol is elevated due to too many triglycerides in the blood stream or, inflammation. Triglycerides are caused by consuming too many transfats (vegetable oil, canola oil, processed food, hydrogenated food, processed carbohydrates and sugar). Inflammation is caused by stress, eating oxidized food, dysfunction of the thyroid, dysfunction of the adrenal system, dysfunction of the liver, medication, drugs, smoking, alcohol, metal toxins to name a few. Cholesterol is NOT increased by consuming too much saturated fat and animal products as was first thought thanks to Ancel Keys, who concocted that theory in 1953. His theory was refuted on the 13th of June 2014 when the truth was released in TIME magazine.
When you consume food that contains cholesterol, your body just creates less. It knows to balance things out.

So let’s go back to our eggs, now that we have some facts. People tell me they have been advised against eating too many eggs because they cause high cholesterol. “Eat no more than 1-2 per day” they say. Oh really? But you can eat all the Croissants, donuts, bread, biscuits, buns, pizza doughs, pastries etc you want? Don’t these things contain eggs? How many eggs would you say are in these babies? Oh is it OK to eat eggs in processed oxidized form? Is it the eggs that cause the cholesterol or the sugar, refined flours, margarine and other hydrogenated oils, as identified above? Next time you are afraid of eating eggs in their wholesome fresh form, I want you to stop and think about this. It’s not the eggs; it’s the rest of the ingredients that are at fault here.

 Egg facts:
– Eggs contain vitamins A, D, E, K, B12, B6, B5, B2, Folate, Selenium, Calcium, Zinc, Approx 6g of protein
– Pastured eggs are enriched with Omega 3
– Eggs raise your HDL (‘good cholesterol’) or High Density Lipoproteins
– They contain choline which builds cell membranes and improves brain function
– They have been proven to reduce cataracts
– Pastured eggs lower triglycerides
– They are a quick, simple, easy, convenient nutrient source that helps you feel fuller for longer, so reduces overall calorie consumption enabling weight loss.

So, are you still going to avoid eggs? I know I’m not! I’ve already had 3 scrambled this morning!

How do you have yours?

scrambled eggs fried eggs banana pancakes

Terri enjoys hers either scrambled, fried or in Banana Pancakes 🙂

Happy eating folks!