Nature created Omnivores not Vegans

omnivoresThough I totally understand the moral grounds for choosing the vegan diet, I do not recommend it. We are designed by nature to consume plantation and animal products; we are Omnivores, as per the animal classification. Our teeth and digestive system are designed to consume animal products. Vitamin B12 for example is a vital nutrient required for optimal brain function. It is obtained from animal products, or you need to supplement with it, as only certain plants contain mere traces, nowhere near the daily requirement. This is just one example showing the need for animal products for our vital nutrients.

People consuming food as per the vegan diet are often nutrient deficient and lacking in energy. The lack of energy is caused by excess starch and carbohydrates, which warps their insulin sensitivity leading to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes, to name just a couple of health issues. They also consume far too much soy in their diet, which is also a health risk as soy today is genetically modified and contains far too much “Round Up” making it toxic. The soy bean has been cultivated to contain Round Up in its seeds so that it ‘naturally’ acts as a herbicide, helping the soy plant to flourish, by ‘naturally’ killing off surrounding weeds. This of course then means that people consuming the soy are then consuming toxic levels of this chemical. This chemical then increases Xenoestrogens in the body. Xenoestrogens are a type of imitating hormone that act as oestrogen, causing issues such as ‘man-boobs’, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, cancer and much more. Soy should in fact be avoided at all cost, unless it is organic AND non-GMO’d AND fermented. Soy is consumed by Vegans because it is the ONLY ‘complete protein’ that is non-animal based yet is not a recommended choice for ‘complete proteins’ due to the health implications.

Focusing on the moral side of animal consumption, animal products should be chosen at the highest quality to ensure they are the healthiest and most humane. This means choosing animals born, bred, raised and killed humanely, never tortured, fed their natural food sources such as grass not grains, and not injected with antibiotics and other chemicals. When consuming this quality of animal product you are helping the environment by creating an even balance in nature, and consuming the highest quality of animal products promoting health and vitality. Baring in mind that by consuming a vegan diet you are in fact putting the animals at risk anyway because you are consuming their main food source, forcing them to eat grains as a supplement, which is against their digestive system, therefore making them sick, requiring medication, leading to a life of torture anyway.

Choose the highest quality animal products for optimal health.

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