Surviving setbacks

FullSizeRenderLife is always going to throw challenges our way. Setbacks are a part of life and can take shape in many forms; relationship breakdowns, unemployment, illness, injuries, financial burdens….the list goes on and on.

These events are beyond our control and we will never be able to completely stop them from taking place; as long as there is air in your lungs, there is always going to be something ‘getting in the way’ and causing distress.

Nobody lives a carefree life; and why would you want to? Yes, it does sound wonderful in theory, however imagine the type of person you would be if everything was handed to you on a silver platter? You would never appreciate life when things are truly amazing, and you would miss out on the opportunity to build resilience, develop strength of character and grow as a human being during testing times.

A person who is confronted by illness may be prompted to realize that health is a beautiful gift, never to be taken for granted. It can encourage them to appreciate the beauty of life and all the little things that make them happy.  They may become educated in their condition and raise awareness to those around them.

Only when faced with the prospect of losing something is when we truly appreciate its value.

The question is, when your road is a little bumpy, how do you respond? Do you wave your hands in the air and cry ‘woe is me’ and give up? Or do you use that experience to propel you forward and fuel your determination and make you unstoppable?

In the words of Dr. John Demartini, “Whatever happens in your life is not a mistake…Wisdom is realizing that whatever is going on, is leading you to where you need to be…”

When you think ¬†that things have gone completely off track and you wonder how you got here, perhaps think that maybe things have gone exactly as planned…. and have faith that one day you will look back on this with a smile on your face because you will understand why.

Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

– Danielle Fancellu, Wellness Coach