Excuses Excuses

Over the years I have heard quite a lot of people come up with various excuses for not doing something about their health and fitness. I was one of them. I would always say when asked, I work in an office all day and don’t have time, I am too busy, I was always running around with kids activities, I had house work to do, I work full time and am too tired to do anything when I come home, I work 5 days a week and want the weekend to relax and unwind, and the list goes on. Does this sound like you? How many of these excuses have you used in the past or even now that is preventing you or a loved one from becoming fit and healthy?

Lets break a few of these excuses down and see what we can do to overcome them.

walkingExcuse number 1 – “I work in an office and don’t have time.” I agree, it’s pretty hard to get moving when you are stuck behind a desk all day in an office. I have this type of job Monday to Friday. I’m stuck behind a desk and the only thing that gets a daily workout are my fingers on the keyboard. Well Every day I have 15 minutes break for morning tea and 30 minutes for lunch. This is the perfect time to get moving. Today alone, during my morning tea break, instead of working through it or even just taking a break and making myself a coffee, I put my jacket on and went for a brisk walk around the block. It took me 8½ minutes to walk 1.03km around a city block. During that time I took 925 steps and burned roughly about 70 calories. Then at lunch I did the same thing but this time I walked 2.8km in 25 min, taking 2,500 steps and burning an additional 226 calories. In total I walked just under 4km, burned just under 300 calories and took just under 3,500 steps. When you think that anything over 10,000 steps put you into the fat burning zone, I just did over a third of my requirement during my breaks at work. So is  “I work in an office and don’t have time” a valid excuse, hell no. Do this every day Monday to Friday and if nothing else you would at least you’re out of the office getting some fresh air and burning some fat, all the while building on your health and fitness.

Excuse number 2 – “I am too busy and I have activities I need to take my kids to.” These are two of my favourite excuses. For me, I work Monday to Friday from 6:40am to 2:40pm in the city. When I leave, I need to go by and pick up my daughter from school and take her home. Once at home I then need to help both my kids with their homework. On Mondays I also work in the evenings for Terrific Fitness taking a SMASH H.I.I.T. class. Tuesdays the kids and I have Martial arts class in the evenings, Wednesday nights I’m actually a client of Terrific Fitness and attend a circuit class, Thursday nights I work for Terrific Fitness taking a SMASH H.I.I.T. class, Friday nights I normally take care of the household washing, Saturdays I need to take my son to Greek school and my daughter to Martial arts where she works as a trainer, then sometimes go and do the household grocery shopping, take it home, un-pack it, then go and pick up my daughter, pick up my son, take them home, make them lunch, then take my son to swimming lessons, from there go past my parents to actually see them for 30 mins, then go home and start cooking dinner, just in time for Terri to come home from work. Finally after dinner I get a chance to spend some time with the kids before they go to bed. Sundays is a dedicated FAMILY DAY. So where exactly do I find time to in this busy schedule to work on my fitness? Well, lets go back to excuse number 1. I go for walks during my breaks at work, then I work out Tuesday nights doing martial arts, Wednesday nights doing a circuit class, all day Saturday running around with all the household chores and kids activities and Sunday mornings I actually get trained by Terri at the gym. Also, whenever I can, I take out the weights and get a workout at home late in the evening rather than watching TV whilst laying on the couch.

You see, this is just a few excuses people use for not looking after themselves. I use to use ALL these excuses and more. Now I don’t sit on the couch anymore, I get up and keep moving. Like everyone else, I have my own personal journey and goals I am working towards. No more excuses, I take a leaf out of Nike’s book and I “JUST DO IT”, you should try it too and see how good you will feel.

– Theo Batsakis

(Certified Master Trainer)