Find your words and write it down

writingI wanted to share something with you that has really helped me of late. This came from Terri’s Goals Workshop that I attended on 27th September.

I usually don’t struggle to sleep at night (how lucky am I) but I have had a few instances of late where I have had so much energy I just couldn’t get to sleep. I was getting in to bed and 45 minutes later I am still lying there. This freaks me out because I need 8 hours sleep; it’s one of my goals and I am lucky enough to be able to do that most of the time.

Of late, I have found writing to be a good way of getting to sleep. Terri has always encouraged me to write a gratitude list (which I also do) but I have really enjoyed of late, grabbing my journal, picking up a pen and just writing. Picking a topic and writing about it. It can be anything. I generally think about something I am extremely passionate about because that’s when I write best. Sometimes I write some awesome pieces, other times I repeat myself 50 times and have a good giggle at how delirious I was the next day… most of the time I’m so busy thinking, my hand just keeps writing. It’s amazing how much you can put down on to paper when you stop and think about something specific.

I have found this a great way to empty my thoughts before I go to bed and in return I have written some pretty awesome pieces, at some point I will share these. A lot of them are about things like journeys, weight loss, specific family members, specific friends, one time I wrote about the awesome feeling after I finished an awesome PT session, I also wrote one after the feeling of a not so great PT session.. so it can be anything.

Find your passion, write about it. What an awesome thing to look back on or share with someone special to you. I plan to share the pieces of those I wrote about at some point, why wouldn’t I? Do you know how good that would make a person feel? All because you couldn’t go to sleep. Turning a negative in to a positive, and as a result making someone else’s day! Don’t be afraid to ever tell someone how you feel!

I have also used this at times when I found myself craving something that wasn’t in line with my goals. I walk away from the thought of wanting something.. And start writing. I could be writing about why I want that, or I could be writing about something totally unrelated, but take the thought away from your mind, start writing and BYE BYE craving.

So my message to you, if you are struggling to sleep, you are having a craving, or you are simply looking for something to do, pick up a pen, we are all writers in one way or another it’s just about stopping to do it, and trust me.. you will thank me.

Happy Writing

– Written by Tania Passeri, Certified Master Trainer and Wellness Coach