Making ‘progress’

progressProgress is important when making changes to our lifestyles in order to become better versions of ourselves.  We research, we learn, we implement and then we expect to see progress.

But how do you measure this? Is it Kilograms? Centimetre Loss? Dropping from a size 12 to a 10?

These are fantastic (and very traditional) ways of determining whether your efforts are serving their purpose.  But for some people, these may take a little while before they get moving.  Often if people don’t see any of these numbers change, they feel as though their efforts are wasted and become disheartened.

What you need to remember is that these ‘numbers’ don’t tell you the full story. If you are aren’t getting anywhere, why not start measuring progress in other areas of your life:


  • Do I now complete classes with much more ease than I did 8 weeks ago?
  • Have I progressed to the more advanced options during class?


  • Do I make my own lunch for work instead of buying it?
  • Am I now eating a meal for breakfast instead of just grabbing a coffee?


  • Do I now make time to train three times per week as compared to once?
  • Am I making more of an effort to give myself some ‘me’ time


  • Am I more inclined to think of situations from other perspectives?
  • Am I more accepting of compliments?

These measures of progress are as equally important, so don’t be too hard on yourself if the ‘numbers’ don’t change…continue making progress in each of these areas and eventually the numbers will take care of themselves.

Danielle Fancellu – Wellness Coach