Have you ever thought to yourself, how lucky am I? Have you ever thought when your feeling well, I feel so well ☺ ? Like you do when you’re not well, you think, I feel so sick ☹…have you ever thought, life is good, my heart is beating? Life is good I have food to eat? Life is good I have a job? Life is good; I have clean water to drink? Life is just good. NO actually its AWESOME!!!

 In around 6 weeks it’s my 30th birthday. My biggest goal leading up to that has been to be able to wear a tight waist dress and feel comfortable. I have been working towards this goal but I will admit it has been tough. I continue to think about it day in, day out, every meal, every time I was getting dressed, every time I looked at myself, I was obsessing. BAD!

 About a week ago I was at a friends place for dinner where I went to eat something that wasn’t in line with my goals, it was sugar, and I knew that if I ate it, it was going to affect my waist measurement. At that time I thought to myself, oh my god Tania what are you doing, you can’t do that, how’s the dress going to fit, imagine your measurement, over one piece of food. Yep, one piece.Tania - Perspective

 I sat there thinking about it, obsessing over it. Oh my god what if I eat it, my waist, my dress…blah blah blah….then out of the corner of my eye I looked up and on the fridge I saw three memory bookmark photos of people who had passed away recently. I looked up, looked at the photos, 2 out of 3 of these people I knew and they were too young to die. In that moment I thought to myself, “Really Tania? You’re sitting here, healthier than you have ever been, overthinking everything about your waist, and these people are no longer with us. Really… How bad will it be if you eat that piece of food? And then I realized!

 It really made me put my life in to perspective. It made me realize that its OK to have a sometimes treat every so often, its OK to be passionate about the way you look, but don’t obsess over it. Have pride in how far you have come or what you are going to achieve in the future. We are human; we do have to live at the end of the day.

 That moment, I realized those people who are no longer here to talk to us, tell us how their day was or complain about how cold it is, are the ones who its not fair for. Perspective, I’m alive, my hearts beating, I’m healthy and I have amazing friends and family who I adore surrounding me. We all have shit days, AND that’s OK. So, I leave you with this….

 Always make time to reassess your goals, work hard to achieve them, pat yourself on the back when you do, but also remember, don’t sweat the small stuff, if you fall down, pick yourself up again, if you have a bad day its OK, as long as you move on quickly from it. Always remember, we only get one chance at life, so enjoy it, laugh lots and have fun doing so!!!

– Tania Passeri

(Certified Master Trainer)