The key to success

IMG_7807What determines your success? Having a goal? Wanting something bad enough? Putting in a half arsed effort that yields mediocre results? No

Your success is determined by the struggles that you are prepared to endure in order to reach it.

Everybody has things that they aspire to do or be….a goal, and important milestone, an achievement…something that will fulfill an internal purpose close to their heart…

Lose weight, gain muscle, become healthy, travel the world, run a successful business, be a good friend, have a successful career, be a good wife and mother, graduate, buy a house, have the perfect relationship…

When people succeed, those around them only see the end result; the degree, the trophy, the lost weight, the three storey home, the holiday overseas, the tight-knit friendship, the happy marriage, the abs…

But it’s the things that go unseen that play the most IMPORTANT part in these scenarios:

  • The graduate with the degree gave up their social life so they could spend every spare hour studying
  • The young man who lost weight put up with ridicule from his family & friends because he changed his nutrition
  • The career woman misses out on time with her children so she can earn a living and support her family.
  • The reason that the tight-knit friends can laugh together is because they have cried together
  • The happy marriage is a result of many years of compromise and sacrifice
  • The woman with abs trains 5 times per week, preps meals with fresh ingredients and says no to cake at family functions
  • The successful business woman failed time and time again before she got her business off the ground.

These are the struggles that are found in every single success story, and ultimately the battle is won and lost with what a person is prepared to endure in order to succeed.  It’s obvious that success requires hard work…what isn’t obvious is understanding and acknowledging HOW you need to suffer in order to achieve it.

Successful people do not just happen – planning and hard work will beat out timing and luck on every single occasion. Don’t fall in love with the results, unless you are prepared to endure the struggles that are part of the process.

Making bold statements such as ‘I want’…’I need’, “I will be happy when…’ is pointless if you have no intention of carrying this out with bold and purposeful action. Wanting it ‘bad enough’ is not enough – that is like trying to reach for the moon with your hands in your pockets.

In the words of Dr. John Demartini, your choices are based on your hierarchy of values. When you aren’t achieving things, it is not because there is something wrong with you.  You are setting goals that aren’t highest on your priority. If a goal aligns closely with one of your highest values, then your choices will automatically support this.  If your choices don’t support your goal, then perhaps it’s not as important to you as you think it may be.

If you’re not prepared to sacrifice family time, to sweat, to lose sleep, to study, to have late nights and early mornings, to be rejected, to cry, to feel at your witts end and to fail over and over, then you cannot expect to reap the reward that you are chasing.

Opportunity cost is defined as an alternative that must be foregone in order to pursue an action…. and only you can determine what opportunity cost you are prepared to pay in order to succeed.

– Danielle Fancellu

(Wellness Coach)