Don’t talk about me like that

Have yoCaptureu ever looked in the mirror and thought god I look ugly, I’m too tall, I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, my arms are too ‘tuckshop lady’….. and the biggest of all, said to yourself, I hate who I am or I hate myself? If you answered yes to any of the above….read on….

Ask yourself this, would you ever tell your child they are ugly? Would you ever tell your mum her arms are too tuckshop? Would you tell your partner you hate them? No way….

So why is it okay to say it to yourself? Why do you not give yourself the respect you give others? I’ll never ever forget the day one of my best friends said to me, ‘don’t talk about my friend like that’ after I had made a comment about myself that wasn’t nice. It really made me think about how I spoke about myself. When she turned the scenario around and said, would you talk about me like that? And I so quickly said ‘no way’ why was it ok to talk about myself in that way.

So from me to you, next time you even think about yourself in a negative way, turn it around and think to yourself would you say that to you friend or child… no you wouldn’t, so think twice about saying it about yourself.

Someone recently said to me that they hated themselves and it broke my heart… so a friendly reminder, when you think negatively about yourself, think twice….. like you would for someone else.

-Written by Tania Passeri, Master Trainer and Wellness Coach