Great things about friendships…

iStock_WomenI’ve always known how important it is to have true friends and positive relationships in life; however as I’ve gotten older, and particularly over the past few months, I have really come to appreciate its true value.

Aside from how good it feels to be amongst really good company, it is a scientific fact that positive relationships sustain us and is one of the biggest contributing factors to our well being.  All our relationships have a significant impact on our lives. They say that you are the product of the 5 people you spend most of your time with; this reason alone is why it is so important to cultivate the friendships & relationships that bring smile to your face and light in your heart.

Great friendships enrich our lives and leave us feeling light, yet full, whilst the not so great ones leave us feeling heavy, yet drained (have I painted an accurate picture?)

I am blessed to be surrounded by a very strong and beautiful circle of women; I share a very special bond with each of them, and they each support me in very unique ways. These treasures range from my family members & relatives, to gems I have collected over the years through schooling, hobbies and the miscellaneous corners of my life, and then the glorious people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Some have been around since day dot, whilst others are recent additions. However they all share one thing in common – their impact has taught me that there are some people who can add so much value to your life by simply being in it.

Strong and fulfilling friendships have many qualities, however through my personal experiences here are the ones that I believe stand out above the rest:

  • Your love is unconditional and your support has no boundaries
  • You are always honest with each other, even when it may be uncomfortable
  • You don’t tell them what they want to hear, but what they need to hear
  • When you succeed, they are your their biggest cheerleaders
  • They don’t force you to compete, but inspire you to be better
  • You don’t become a mirror image of each other, but allow your light to reflect off each other
  • You have faith and belief in each other
  • You don’t go missing during hard times, but instead share the hurt so the other never feels alone
  • You respect each other’s boundaries and give each other time and space to cultivate other friendships
  • Time and distance apart bears no impact on your bond with each other
  • You don’t need to see or speak to each other every day to know that you matter to themfec2017ad3881dc3fc2767eb7d773481
  • When you are together, the only person you need to be is yourself

I have always felt uncomfortable with the label ‘best friend’, namely because I grew up without one and often found myself on the outer of this ‘exclusive’ group. However, with some maturity I’ve learned that when something troubles you, rather than dismissing it, use your power and give it a new meaning…….

Instead of having best friends, I have friendships that bring out the best in me; this meaning sits a lot more comfortably in my heart and makes room for more love, support and comfort that these special bonds bring me.

If you are lucky enough to see or speak to some of your friends every day, then this is amazing and you should never take it for granted. If you have friends whereby months (even years) can go past, but you pick up right where you left off, treasure this, as its a sign of a bond that is difficult to break. But remember that no matter how often you see them or speak, as long as you have mutual respect and love for each other, you will always be connected at the heart.

To each and every one of the beautiful women whom I share a friendship with, thank-you for enriching my life – you know who you are…. & may your circle be as strong and supportive as mine is.

-Written by Danielle Fancellu, Wellness Coach