Healthy is NOT a side effect of slim…Slim IS a side effect of healthy

Low carb is all the rage and with good reason. With the abundance of food in today’s society we are consuming way too many carbohydrates in today’s diets as a society. This has lead to an influx in all sorts of illnesses and diseases including but not limited to Diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, all sorts of cancers, dementia, autism, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome and more. It is also a massive contributor to our obesity pandemic, together with our new high stress and sedentary lifestyles.

Many promote the state of ketosis as the best way to function and heal the body, as well as promote weight loss. Ketosis is when the body no longer uses glycogen (derived from carbs) as it’s main fuel source. Instead the body is forced to use fat and ketones as energy. This is an extremely effective lifestyle, for those bodies that can adapt well, are insulin resistant to any degree (which is a huge percentage of society), and do not suffer adrenal fatigue. For people who have bodies that are extremely efficient at insulin sensitivity and burning carbs, this lifestyle can be very dangerous to their health.

The reduced glycogen stores can effect their serotonin and melatonin hormone levels (happy hormones and sleep/rest hormones) spiking their cortisol (stress hormone) which then promotes fat storage instead of fat burning.  It can also increase symptoms of anxiety and depression, fatigue and adrenal strain.

So, how do you know which applies to you? There is no one size fits all, which is why some ‘diets’ work for some people and not others. Add to this the possibility of undetected or undiagnosed allergies and intolerances and you have a formula for disaster. Many people don’t even realise they are experiencing symptoms of allergies and intolerance because they think these signs are ‘normal’. These include things like head aches, gas, reflux, indigestion, sleep issues, thyroid issues, immune system issues or auto immune diseases, inability to burn fat, inability to gain weight, inability to build muscle and many more.

This is why I recommend people have a blood test and breath test to test their insulin sensitivity and carb tolerance, and allergy tests through a kinesiologist or muscle tester. These methods are the most accurate for detective allergies and intolerances. Then work closely with a functional nutrition counsellor to tailor a nutritional lifestyle that is suitable for your individual body.

This is why TF does not follow a set ‘diet’ and instead promotes eating wholesome, fresh nutritious food. It is also why we do not write meal plans. For example, we know that bananas are healthy, but I would not recommend them to someone with insulin resistance, fructose malabsorption or someone with an under active thyroid (with this last example I would simply have them reduce the intake rather than cutting it out altogether. Potassium in bananas can slow the thyroid further). So we make no vast and general statements. In our nutrition counseling sessions we tailor an eating lifestyle to the individual based on their individual body type, likes, dislikes and health issues.

Do not just cut things out of your diet simply because it worked for person ‘x’. You are not that person and it might do more harm than good for you.

Having said that, cutting processed food, full of refined sugars, transfats, additives and preservatives are definitely things to cut out, as they do not fall in the “wholesome nutritious food” category.

If you want to lose weight you need to focus on your health first. Healthy is NOT a side effect of slim. Slim IS a side effect of healthy. Just because something ‘works’ (usually by this statement people mean it helps them lose weight) it doesn’t mean it is going to help their health in the long run. This definitely applies to all those pills, potions, shakes and ‘quick fix promises’ out on the market today, preying on people’s desperation.

For permanent healthy results, get educated on what does and doesn’t work on and for your body.

Learn to speak body and you will reap the rewards ❤️

Written by Coach Terri

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