Live your life well

Wellness has become the new buzzword of the health and fitness world…wellness coaches, wellness warriors, secrets to wellness ….. but what does it mean to be well?

Put simply, being ‘well’ is when you are living without disease; recently its definition has taken on an additional meaning of living a purposeful and meaningful life in an optimum state. You would be forgiven for thinking that you need to be sipping green smoothies, munching on activated almonds and meditating by sunrise in order to be well. (Although these certainly aren’t bad ideas)

So going back to the original question, what does it mean to be well? Well it can mean whatever you want it to mean …. create your own definition of wellness. It could be the smoothies or the activated almonds, it could be choosing love over fear, being appreciative of all you have, or simply finding joy in the ordinary.

There is no need to make it complicated; start by simply building healthy habits into your life each and every day. Some members of the Terrific Fitness team have shared their own ideas about wellness, and just like they each enjoy their coffee in a different way (only Dani drinks hers with almond milk; Terri and Tan drink long blacks, organic full cream lattes for Theo and no caffeinated beverages for Rach) they each have different perspectives and experiences of wellness in their own lives.

Now its time for action. If you want to experience wellness in your own life, you need to do more than just read about it.

Pick up a pen, some paper and open your mind because we are going to do the next section together…

When someone is trying to move forward in their life, the biggest thing that holds them back is fear. Fear can be totally debilitating and crippling. It is the negative force of an adrenal rush. The positive rush of an adrenal rush is power and determination. So next time fear creeps in and you ask yourself the following questions, don’t forget to ask the coupling powerful question too:images

What if I fall? Ah but what if you fly?

What if I fail? Ah but what if you succeed?

What if I die? What if you live and go and do something brilliant?

What if I hurt myself? What if you discover a new level of resilience?

What if they break my trust? What if they become your biggest confidante?

What if my heart gets broken? What if your heart swells and explodes with ecstasy?

When assessing your risk, always add to your deliberation, ‘what is the worst thing that can happen?’ And if you can live with it, then never, ever, hold yourself back! Trust your instinct, build your resilience and take a chance. Every success story in the history of the world, became a success because they failed more time than others even tried. Don’t give up. (Terri)

When have you experienced a time where you took a risk despite being fearful, and the results were wonderful?

The beginning of this year has been a nightmare for my family and I [Trainer Theo]. I have spent the 36 days visiting my father in hospital because of his deterioration in kidney function. I have been hobbling around on crutches because of a torn ligament and bone fracture, which has now healed but I still have limited movement and swelling in my ankle. I have been helping out my mother who has been home alone whilst my dad was in hospital, and even now that he is out, I am still going in and out of hospital with both parents for annual specialist visits. All this has placed a massive strain on my health and wellness. I have gained approx. 10kg since Christmas and have sacrificed my own health for the health and well-being of my parents.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well so that you can all see that even trainers are not perfect. We too are human, and being an only child, the responsibility of my parent’s has fallen in my hands. I have been a nightmare to live with as I was always moody, hurting not only my family but also my friends. Fortunately I was made aware of the person I’d become by 2 things. Firstly I saw myself in the mirror. I saw the weight I had put on and I was not happy with myself. Secondly I was made aware by the person I love the most, my wife.

I saw how I was treating everyone and right then and there decided to do something about it. In the past I had found that putting in at least a 30 min workout helped me to relieve the days stress and tensions. It helped me unwind after a bad day at work. It relaxed me to the point I was able to treat everyone around me with the love and respect everyone deserved. It also helped me with my sleeping. I found that a good workout helped me sleep uninterrupted and peacefully for at least 7-8 hours. My workout didn’t have to involve weights, sometimes I would just put boxing gloves on and hit out punching bag for 30 minutes. Other times I would go out in the backyard and kick the ball around, or take the dogs for a walk. It didn’t have to involve a gym and weights.

When I was single, I used to go for long drives along the beach just to relax and think through any problems the day may have presented. Wellness for me now, especially with ageing parents, is de-stressing myself; every evening before I go home after work, I go into our studio and give myself an hour workout. There’s nobody around to annoy me, nobody to bother me, it’s just me, our equipment, my program and good old 70’s music on the stereo. Ahhhhh the serenity….

List all the reasons that exercise makes you feel good

It is so important for us to look after ourselves. If we don’t, we won’t be good to anyone.gratitude3

I [Trainer Rach] personally suffer from pretty intense anxiety. As I’m sure lots of us do in our community. My anxiety can become debilitating. It is especially important in these times that I look after myself. To do so, I write a gratitude list every single night. I love doing it. On those nights that I’m having a tough time I always want to give up and not do it. However my accountability buddy (yes of course I have one) always says ‘these are the days that its most important to do it. It lifts your spirit. There is always something to be grateful for no matter how bad your day was’. It’s so true. When I don’t do it, it makes me feel worse!

I also see my wonderful psychologist, have a warm shower before bed and try to get 7-8 hours sleep every night. These are just a few things I do to look after me. What do you do? Make a list. If nothing is on there…today is the perfect day to start.

What are all the things you are grateful for in your life? 

Wellness is generally used to describe a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Wellness is anything that helps a person to feel well. Ask yourself this, what you do that makes you feel well…. It could be training, it could be taking a walk in the sunshine, what about lying in the sun reading a book? (I know a good one that could help you towards your goals), what about love though????

Does love make you feel well? Of course it does. I [Trainer Tania] have recently met an amazing man who makes my heart beat really fast and I assure you it helps with my wellness. I can’t tell you the amount of times in the past few months people have said to me how great I look, my smile was bigger, I looked well,  but nothing had really changed, I just fell in love…is it cheesy? Probably. But it’s the truth.

Was I unhappy before? No, he just completed the puzzle. If someone had of said to me 6 months ago you will meet love-valentines-day-79@1xthis amazing person, who you will love and adore, I would have laughed. So, to those of you waiting for ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ to sweep you off your feet…it will happen… People always said to me, it will happen when you least expect it, when you stop looking. I didn’t believe it… BUT my advice to you, as long as you love yourself (which I am proud to say I do) the rest will fall in to place, be patient, get yourself out there and most importantly love yourself first…when you love yourself, all is well in the world…and the rest will hopefully come with it!!

And if love hasn’t been sent to you just yet, for me spending time with my family, seeing my gorgeous nieces and nephews, spending time with my beautiful friends, those are the things I love doing, and the people I love and in return love me. There are so many things that you can do to help you feel good, but my favourite, is to share love… you can be in love, love unconditionally and share the love….just love in one way or another….

With love to each and every one of you reading this….

What qualities do you love about yourself? What qualities do others love about you?

To me [Dani], wellness isn’t just one thing, it is lots and lots of little things that are weaved throughout every moment of my life.  These little things that I used to never pay attention to have become so fundamentally important to my personal well-being.

Its meal prepping and enjoying nutritious and delicious food, it’s working my arse off during training and relaxing on the couch afterwards, feeling grateful that it’s over.  It’s going for walks while listening to my favourite tunes and my downtime on my train journey to and from work.

It’s looking at the view of the city from my desk, looking at a loved ones face when they are sharing exciting news, and looking at my nephew’s cheeky smile when he refuses to say my name. It’s sharing some knowledge, a laugh or a smile with a friend or stranger, that makes their day a little bit brighter.

It’s the warmth I get from my morning cup of coffee, cuddles from my favourite little people and D&Ms with my favourite big people.

It’s switching off my lamp, pulling the covers over my body and being at peace with the fact that whether it was good or bad, the day is done and I get another shot at it tomorrow. It is true what they say..’enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realise these were they were the big things…’

What are 5 very simple things that you get to experience everyday which make you feel good?

So now you have done the ground work and recognised things that make you feel good in 5 very different aspects of your life. You now have 5 areas to which you can build your foundation of healthy habits and create your own meaning of wellness.

Good luck – and remember, life is short…live it well <3

Written by Terri, Theo, Rachel, Tania and Danielle

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