WHY do you train?

“OMG – are you crazy?”734958_1280183801996072_7567355296094415585_n

Often the response I receive from fellow training buddies when they find out that I am doing a double class – it’s all kind natured and in good fun, however it has made me stop and reflect on why I train as often as I do, and what it is that keeps me coming back. Our supportive trainers and fabulous wellness studio definitely play a big role, however after all these years of training I have finally found the spark within me that sees that I always make the time to keep active.

We have almost 150 members at Terrific Fitness who walk in and out of our doors every week – so that is at least 150 different reasons why people are choosing to keep active.

So why do you train?

Is it solely for weight loss? Or is it because exercising increases your energy? Did your doctor recommend it? Are you trying to recover from an injury? Is it where you get to catch up with friends? Are you doing it to increase your strength? Are you preparing for a body building competition? Does it improve your mental clarity? Are you trying to build muscle? Are you trying to build your confidence? Do you simply need time away from the kids? Does it help you fall asleep at night? Is it a stress relief?

Like many, my fitness journey began because I hated my body and I wanted to lose weight; training solely for weight loss felt a lot like a mouse running on a wheel; exhausted and getting nowhere. I hated training and to me, it was just a chore I needed to get done. Connecting exercise with weight loss, brought about all those other negative associations such as deprivation, punishment and pain.

What are the associations that you make with exercising?

Improving my mental well being has enabled me to change my attitude towards quite a number of areas of my life….exercise being one of them.  I now recognise all the wonderful things that being active does that has NOTHING to do with weight loss. I have shifted my attitude so much so that I now enjoy the challenge of a super tough session or a double class – not because I am crazy (ok, maybe a teeny bit) – but because it helps me a solid appreciation of what I am capable of.  Exercising has now become the biggest act of self-love that I can show myself.

Exercising and being active should make you feel happy and vibrant; it doesn’t need to be your entire life, but it should help you approach your entire life with that little extra spark that you have in you. It is one of the best ways to boost your serotonin (aka happy hormone), so when you need a little pep up, exercise will always come through with the goods.

It is perfectly OK to have those days where you don’t want to train, but ask yourself, have you ever regretted a workout?

So why do you train? Does it make you feel good? If not, what needs to happen so you can change that? What rewards do you want to reap for your hard work?

And remember, if you work hard to find the reasons why you love it, being active will never be hard work…

Written by Danielle Fancellu