The 3 things no one tells you about success

warriorWe all know that if we want to succeed in any goal, we need a plan, a purpose, a well-established why, and lots of tools available to us in order to reap the rewards we sow.  Tick, tick, tick, tick.

These are the ‘no brainers’ in Success 101.  But what about those things that no one tells you about. You don’t think about them and therefore don’t prepare for them; but they rear their ugly head up during week 6 of your new journey and threaten to throw you off track completely.

In the game of success, these are the snakes that will bite you and set you back 6 paces. Learn how to build your own ladders that will help you climb higher, and have the snakes resembling nothing more than worms:

1. Not everyone will be in your corner:

Some won’t be supportive and others may simply not understand.  You will have people voice their opinion about the choices you are making that may threaten your motivation and ability to stay committed.  Guess what though, their opinion should not impact your decision to work towards your goals. The hard part is, these opinions may come from people in your inner circle; we can’t (always) remove people from our inner circle, however we can choose to accept that they simply won’t be your cheerleader.  Once you accept and find peace with this, continuing your efforts will be so much easier.

What is going to scream louder if you don’t commit 100% – their opinion, or your disappointment?

2. It won’t be a smooth journey

You can have a task list as long as your arm, set all the strategies in the world and have a suite of plans that resemble the alphabet. These are all super fantastic ideas that I definitely DO SUPPORT. However there will be days where nothing meets solution status….and that’s ok. Setback does not equal failure.  Cut yourself some slack and simply starting afresh tomorrow. That can be ‘Plan AA’.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says ”I’ll try again tomorrow”.

3. You never actually get ‘there’

I am not suggesting that it is because you can’t – it is because your ‘there’ will change all the time. Its human nature to always want to do better, be better and achieve better.  Once you get ‘there’ you will move the goal posts – either further away or in a different direction.  Always acknowledge and be proud of your achievements, but also understand the taste of success is addictive. So while you think you aren’t actually getting there, it’s probably because you continue to change where ‘there’ is.

We learn the most important lessons on the journey – savour the lessons and the experiences they give you which will make arriving at your destination so much sweeter.

Don’t be afraid to go what you are after, only be afraid of how you feel if you don’t.

Written by Coach Dani