The power of massage

So not so long ago I had a client come to me with some extreme pain in her lower back. This client was finding it very hard to even walk for 10-15 minutes before requiring to rest. The pain was so excoriating that it was also preventing her from standing properly, let alone walking properly.

Prior to coming to see me this client was diagnosed by a chiropractor as having a compressed right facet joint in L4 due to spasming in the main muscle (the Quadratus Lumborum). In simple language, The muscle in red (pictured left) was having a spasm. Because it is attached to the spine, when it contracted into the spasm, it pulled and compressed her vertebrae at the joint and put pressure on her nervous system, causing extreme pain with movement. The chiropractor performed a number of treatment options on our client and also contacted me to work up a treatment plan to get this client back to her normal self as quickly as possible. Part of our treatment plan was to perform relaxation massage on the main muscle (the Quadratus Lumborum) and lower back, but to try to release the piriformis by applying pressure with deep tissue, (which sits under your Gluteus) and glute medius (which is on the side of your bum).

Prior to me conducting any form of remedial or deep tissue massage, I first need to do a full range of motion test and postural analysis to see what muscles could be tight, what need to be tightened and what need to be relaxed and stretched. With this particular client I found that her pelvis was tilted forward, her back was almost lordotic, her right foot was turned outwards and she was in a lot of pain, according to her, pain was a 15 out of 10.

The first part of massage is to relax the muscle. When you relax a very tight muscle, it starts to lengthen. As it lengthens and relaxes, it then enables me to go a little deeper and start to release the various trigger points (knots as everyone calls them). Releasing these trigger points allows blood to start to flow naturally and unrestricted through the muscle again. This then starts to push out all the toxins that have built up, which enables the body to re-align itself again.

The result?

Well see for yourself. Below is the before and after photo’s I took of this client. It just so happens to be our boss. After just one massage, Terri immediately felt her pain reduce to about a 6 out of 10, and her posture almost return to normal.

Massage isn’t always about relaxing you; sometimes it’s about returning your quality of life, and often, your ability to return to work.

Written by Coach Theo