Release tension with ‘child’s pose’

A great pose to include in your stretching routine is called the ‘Child’s Pose’. Kneeling down, sit back on your heels, fold your body over your knees and reach forward with your hands. Hold this position for 30 seconds, breathing slowly and deeply. The ‘Child’s Pose’ stretch helps release tension in your chest, back and shoulders while gently stretching the muscles in your ankles, hips and thighs. The tendons, ligaments and muscles in the knee area are also thoroughly stretched.

To add an extra level of stretch to this pose, slowly walking your hands along the floor to your right side, you should feel a nice gentle stretch down you left side of your torso. Again hold for 30 seconds, breathing slowly. Repeat on the left side too.

This is just one of many stretches we include in our BarreSculpt classes at Terrific Fitness.

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Coach Lisa