Fat Facts

At the beginning of my personal journey to better health and body composition, I was shocked to learn that butter need not be feared and could play a role in a healthy diet and weight loss. My knowledge has come a long way since then, and I am now educating my own clients about the benefits of butter and fats in general.

“So I can eat butter and lose weight?” you ask…Absolutely!

“Can I eat butter as my only source of fat?”…hmmm maybe not.

Just like Broccoli has many health benefits, neglecting to incorporate other greens means you miss out on the nutrients and health benefits that a wide variety of veggies can provide your body.

The same goes if you choose butter as your only source of fat.  Whilst it is a terrific choice that has many health benefits [including aiding cholesterol metabolism, building strong and buoyant cells and rich in Vitamins A, E and K] our bodies require a full complement of Omega 3s, 6s and 9s. These are required to help break down fat, build hormones, reduce inflammation and keep our body functioning at its best.

A combination of olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds will provide your body the full complement of benefits that this special macronutrient has to offer.

In the same way that our garden requires more than just watering; it needs to be mowed, pruned, weeded and fertilised, in order to see it flourishing at its best, our nutrition is the same.

So yes…butter can play a role in successful fat loss and body transformation…along with avocado, olive oil, oily fish, walnuts and flaxseeds

And after all, variety is the spice of life.

Nutrition Coach Dani

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