Re-awaken those muscles with relaxation and remedial massage

Have you ever gotten home from work feeling tired, stressed, maybe with sore joints or back and think to yourself, “boy I must be getting old, everything hurts, I wish there was something I could do to feel better.”

Well there is..

Various studies have found that a relaxation massage helps relax your tired muscles, eliminate stress and sooth sore joints. Remedial massage helps to eliminate various trigger points (knots) throughout the body, and also relax sore and tired muscles. Remedial massage also helps to relieve stress which many people carry in their shoulders.

As well as all of these advantages, massage also helps your muscles both pre and post workouts. Before a workout, massage helps to awaken the muscles that are about to be worked, allowing them to perform better with greater range of motion. After a workout, massage helps to relax and elongate the worked muscles, thus reducing the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), enabling you to workout more often.

So next time you think to yourself, “I’m getting old”, try getting a massage first. What have you got to loose?

Coach & Massage Therapist, Theo

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