Words of Wisdom from (mummy to be) Coach Tania

2018 is going to be a huge year for me. Building a new house and welcoming our first baby. A little TF junior!! The last 3 years have been such a huge journey in not only transforming my life from a physical aspect but mentally also. It has literally been a 360 turnaround and I sometimes forget how much has changed.  Mostly when I eat a bowl of broccoli… 3 years ago, I didn’t touch greens.

When I fell pregnant one of my biggest fears was putting on weight. It sounds so crazy because that’s naturally going to happen but the thought of having to endure the changes I have over the past 3 years over again scared the hell out of me. The first 12 weeks I really struggled with food. The smells of certain foods or even just the thought of eggs made me feel sick, it really freaked me out. I knew my life was about to change and somehow I had to control it. Then one day something clicked. I cant change my pregnancy and this is one of the most amazing rides of my life , and I am so incredibly blessed, so instead of freaking out about it, I rolled with it. I started thinking about all the things I could do instead of the things I couldn’t.

I started training again once I was give medical clearance and that in itself gave me a clearer head. I felt better and felt like I was moving. Walking every day didn’t cut it for me. I made sure I still meal prepped because now more than ever I needed to provide my body with the nutrients I needed. The old ‘eating for two’ in a good way scenario…

I guess the point I am trying to make is that there will always be obstacles, no matter what stage of life you are at. As long as you face them head on, you will get through them. Remember your blessings in life, be grateful always, there will be days that you struggle but those are the days you need to work harder. Push on, stay active, eat well but most of all do what you can, because every little thing you do, adds up to lots of things. Nothing’s ever perfect, obstacles happen but if you keep your chin up and keep pushing… you will always kick arse!!!

This will be my last blog (for a little while anyway) so here’s a few tips that I found useful in my journey as a client before becoming a PT:

  • When things get tough reach out to the members in the secret group, because I can guarantee someone has been there. You might not think they have, but I assure you, if you think it, someone else probably has too. If your not a member of ours share it with a close family member or friend.
  • If you need to keep accountable, tell someone… no one ever achieved results without the support of others around them. (Even if they said they did)
  • Attend workshops, ask questions, attend all classes and make them up if you miss them
  • AND MOSTLY, give it your all, if you want to change, take control and DO IT!!

Coach Tania