About Us


Terri Batsakis, Founder of Terrific Fitness, began the business in July 2010. Her vision was to open up an Exclusive Studio that brought together a range of services for people, that would enhance their overall well being. Everything from exercise, to nutrition, to massage.

The Terrific Fitness Wellness Studio is considered a second home for those that attend, bringing together a community of like-minded people, all striving towards similar goals; to unleash the best version of themselves.

The community love and support among the members is that of a united family. With a 100% Proven Success System, it is no wonder Terrific Fitness is the most Exclusive Studio in Melbourne.

Services include Personal Training, 12 Week Challenges, Nutrition Counseling, Relaxation Massage, Body Composition Analysis and Live Workshops.

A family operate business, this is your new home away from home.

*”People struggle with their weight and self-esteem. We help people get to, and stay at, their ideal weight so they can have more confidence and energy to lead a healthier and more vibrant life, so they can Unleash the Best Version of Themselves!” – Terri Batsakis

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