Christie Malva – Coach in Training, Admin Guru

Specializes: Stretch and strengthening, body alignment

Christie was a very active child and teenager who loved to be outdoors with friends. Growing up she was part of the hockey, netball, tennis, running and dance teams and spent every weekend working at a horse-riding school. Dance had always been her true passion and so she enrolled in full time dance training from the age of 18 to become a professional commercial dancer.

She has always been non-stop and during her dance course she was training over 30 hours each week, was a front of house manager at a busy restaurant during the evenings and on weekends AND made time to go out and have a social life. This left very little time for sleep and recovery and although she had a good understanding of food and wellness thanks to her Nutritionist-Mum she soon she found herself ignoring her Mum’s instructions and surviving on 6 or less hours of sleep a night, drinking too much caffeine and alcohol and eating whatever she could grab in 5 minutes. After years of getting away with this her body finally said “That’s enough.” After being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and Hyperthyroidism, gaining weight and feeling completely exhausted she knew she had to pay serious attention to her health.

Christie spent hours of her day reading and gaining as much knowledge as possible as she started to heal her body naturally, which included visits to an Endocrinologist and Naturopath, supplements, nutrient-rich food and plenty of yoga and walking until her stamina and strength were up to training levels again. Never will she take her health, fitness and energy for granted again, that’s for sure.

She is now completing her certification as a personal trainer in order to help others overcome obstacles, improve their health and fitness and create a balanced, healthy mind and body. Christie loves a hard workout that pushes your boundaries and helps you achieve serious results but she also finds great value in lower intensity training, it helps her to feel balanced not only in her body but also her mind and has made a huge difference with anxiety and stress levels. Her favourites are yoga, Pilates, and walking.

“Prevention is better than a cure. Stay active, eat well, spend time with people that make you genuinely happy and make your health a priority so you can feel your absolute best all the time!”  – Christie Malva


  • Certificate III in Fitness (Australian Fitness Academy) – Gym Instructor – in progress
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (Australian Fitness Academy) – Personal Trainer – in progress
  • Certified Les Mills Body Balance Instructor with AIM 1 (Advanced Instructor Training)
  • Advanced Diploma in Commercial Dance (The Edge Performers School)
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Working with Children Check

Personal Profile:

  • Favorite Food: Mango
  • Favorite Drink: Peppermint tea & Smoothies
  • Favorite Music: That’s mood dependent!
  • Favorite Movie: Inception, The Avengers, Focus
  • Likes: The beach, yoga, friends, family, animals and sleep
  • Dislikes: Being tired or cold
  • Hobbies: Walking, watching movies, adventures, yoga, dancing, reading
  • Who Inspires You: People that work really hard to be able to do something they love and people who help others for no personal gain
  • Life Philosophy: “You don’t know until you try! – give it your best shot and see what happens…”