Our classes are scientifically designed in HIIT format for maximum fat burning and strength building. There are new programs every day so you don’t repeat classes. Since all class programs are changed daily, there is no plateauing.

Resistance HIIT:

A class focusing on high intensity interval training with resistance exercises. You will build strength whilst incorporating the use of weights, cable machines and other resistance training equipment.

FITNESS Circuit:

Conducted as a 10 station circuit, this program covers a variety of training methods to suit everyone. This class is the perfect place to start if you are a beginner, is suitable if you are pregnant and can be adapted for individuals with injuries, as well advance for athletes. One of our mos versatile functional classes.

 Cardio Boxing:

A high intensity cardio boxing session. Full body workout for maximum burn. An excellent class for stress relief.

 Boot Camp:

This class incorporates a variety of traditional Boot Camp style equipment such as tyres, battle ropes, prowler, and much more. This is excellent for maximum fat burning, building strength, stability, mobility, power, muscular endurance and above all, passion.


A dance inspired fitness class for strengthening, toning & stretching. It incorporates the principles of Dance, Yoga and Pilates, using your body weight, a barre and some resistance bands.