Coach Chats

make it happen*”Coach Chat” is a one on one appointment with one of the coaches to sit down and strategize ways that will help you get to and stay at your ideal weight, so you can lead a healthier and more vibrant life. During your session, your coach will help you:
  • Set realistic goals for your health and fitness
  • Rejuvenate your mojo, motivation and determination by having your coach help you reassess your reason(s) for improving your health and fitness
  • Create strategies that will help you overcome various barriers that get in the way of you achieving your health and fitness goals.
  • Brain storm ideas as to what more you can do to help you move forward in your health and fitness goals.
    Develop strategies to prepare you during times where the going gets tough and things don’t go to plan.
It is recommended that you book a follow up session every 3-4 weeks for a total of 2-4 sessions for maximum results. This will give you enough time to be able to really establish some workable strategies that you will commit to long term and not give up the minute life gets in the way. Remember that the best growth happens with consistent progress.

Sessions go for 45 minutes and are $60.00.

*Available to members only

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