Denise Batsakis

Denise 4

Specializes In: Fit Kids, Martial Arts

Denise is a very active young lady, even now in her teenage years. She commenced Gymbaroo at just 4 months old and continued on over the years to achieve Level 5 in Gymnastics. Further to her achievements she is a fully certified swimmer, has won numerous awards in various dance disciplines, is a certified Pro-Level 10 Muay Thai Kick-Boxer and a certified 3rd Dan Black Belt in Freestyle Martial Arts qualifying her as a Sensei.

Denise has previous worked as an Assisted Coach in Martial Arts and currently works as an Assistant Coach in Terrific Fit Kids.

“Don’t let what other people say about you, get to you.” – Denise Batsakis


  • Sensei in Freestyle Martial Arts
  • Pro-Level 10 Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Level 5 Gymnast
  • Assistant Coach in Fit Kids

Personal Profile:

  • Favorite Food: Anything with meat
  • Favorite Drink: Iced Tea
  • Favorite Music: Anything on the radio
  • Favorite Movie: Anything superhero related
  • Likes: Food, spending time with my family and friends, maths, drawing, dancing, acting and writing stories
  • Dislikes: Broccoli, Cauliflower, dramatic people and gossip
  • Hobbies: dancing, playing around with friends and family, learning and soccer
  • Who Inspires You: My family and friends inspire me every day to do the best I can do but my heroes are my mum and my grandpa because of the many battles they have fought and pushed through
  • Life Philosophy: “You are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive, who is youer that you” – Dr Seuss