Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get for the comprehensive health evaluation?

An evaluation on your current health, detailing if you have any injuries or illnesses that will require us to make adjustments, restrictions or allowances in your training. This is to ensure we keep you safe at all times during training.

What does automatic renewal mean?

At the end of the 12 Week Challenge you will automatically be renewed into the following 12 Week Challenge unless you advise us in writing that you do not wish to continue.

How long do we have to use the consultations?

The allocated consultations issued with each 12 Week Challenge are to be used during that 12 Week Challenge in which they are issued. They cannot be carried over to the next challenge, refunded or exchanged for any other product or service. Any consultations not used by the end of the said challenge will then expire.

Why do I have to keep paying for the “Unleash the Best Version of You” book? I only need it once.

You do not pay for the book; it comes free with that package to any brand new registration. Only one book is issued per person when they make their first brand new registration. Hence why it is free.

Do I still receive a discount if I refer a friend(s)?

Yes absolutely! You will still qualify for 10% off your next 12 Week Challenge fees for each person you recruit to the current 12 Week Challenge.

What happens if I want to amend my membership plan between 12 week challenges?

You have until the end of week 9 of each challenge to make any alterations or cancelations to the following challenge. A “Change to Membership” form will be available at the studio.

When is the cut off for changing my membership plan?

5:00pm on the Friday of the 9th week of the challenge.

What happens if I forget to notify administration of any requested changes to my membership plan for the upcoming 12 week challenge?

Administration will be issuing a reminder, so failing to submit by the due date will see an automatic renewal based on your current membership package.

Do I still need to select the weekly classes I want to train in for each 12 week challenge?

Yes. Then you will automatically be re-enrolled into the same class the following challenge unless you submit a “Change to Membership” form by the cut-off date.

What happens if I know I’ll be away during the round?

The package is for the entire 12 Week Challenge. If you are away you are able to cancel yourself out of the said dates and make them up either before you go away or after you return.

Can I still make classes up that I cannot attend?

Absolutely, as long as you provide 6 hours’ notice of your non-attendance either by cancelling yourself out on Mindbody or by contacting administration.

Do I get to attend any class I want as part of my Platinum Membership?

Yes. You select up to 4 classes that you can secure your position in for the entire 12 Week Challenge then you can add yourself in to any other class ad hoc, providing there is availability in that class.

Can I still purchase additional services on a basic membership?

Yes, but you will be required to pay the full consultation fee, not the discount price and you will be required to pay upon booking rather than have the opportunity to go on an installment plan.

Can I transfer my consultations/free massage to my partner/friend if I don’t want to use them?

No, the consultations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Can I choose any class for my make-up/free classes?

Yes, with the only exception being Cardio Boxing. If you have not boxed with Terrific Fitness before then you have until the end of week 4 to book into that class as part of your make-up or free classes. We cover technique extensively over the first four weeks. After that we focus more on drills. If you have not been trained the technique the risk of you obtaining an injury is too high after week 4. So for your safety, you are restricted to the first 4 weeks.

Can I do extra classes by paying as I go? Can I do a random circuit class and paying cash?

You are able to purchase casual classes, only if you are already registered as a member of Terrific Fitness. However these need to be pre-booked and pre-paid for online. No payments will be exchanged before, during or after class for casual classes. The cost of casual classes are $25.00 per session.

What if I am injured and need to cancel my class half way through the round?

As per the “Terms & Conditions”:

“- I accept that I will be eligible for a full refund (excluding any administration or auto-pay transaction fees) of the entire contract only on the submission of a medical certificate advising I am unable to train for the duration of the contract or for longer than 3 consecutive weeks. Medical Certificates that cover less than 3 consecutive weeks of training, will not warrant a refund. I will be required to make any missed sessions up during the 12 Week Challenge in which the sessions have been missed.

– If I submit a medical certificate and am approved for a refund for any period of time, I acknowledge that I will provide a letter from my doctor clearing me to return to training, at the end of that non-training period covered by the original medical certificate.”

Will I require medical clearance before I join if I have a medical issue or injury?

When purchasing a training package it is done so with the declaration that you are fit enough to exercise. However, if upon registration Terrific Fitness feels that a clearance is required in order to keep you safe at all times, a medical clearance will be requested by the Business Manager. Each situation will be assessed on an individual basis and a decision will be made by the Business Manager.

How do the consultations work?

You will either receive 0, 2 or 4 consultations depending on the package you select. When the challenge commences you will be able to go online and book yourself in to the consult of your choice. If you are not tech savvy you can contact enquiries and have them Admin book you in. You have the choice of Body Composition Analysis, Coach Chats, Nutrition Counseling and/or a Mobility or Technique Training Session. Click on the link for each consult for more information on each. Package consultations are 45 minutes long except for Body Composition Analysis which runs for 30 minutes.

Can I join during a challenge or do I have to wait til the next one commences?

You can join any time and only pay for the weeks remaining. You will be charge pro rata. The number of classes you receive will depend on the package you select and how many weeks are remaining. However you will still get either 0, 2 or 4 consults depending on the package that you select.

Can I purchase more than 1 Basic Package rather than the Gold or Platinum packages?

No. With the other packages you receive the consults and the free classes. We have created these packages for the people that want to take their health and fitness to the next level. You can use the consults to book the ‘Mobility and Technical Training Sessions’ which are like a mini PT session, which means more training, for those that don’t want the Nutrition Counseling, Coach Chats and BCA. The packages are designed to accelerate your transformation, as we are not a gym, we are a personalised studio.

Can you explain what the consults are?

Nutrition Counseling – A one on one session working closely with our Nutrition Counselor to fine tune your nutrition in line with your goals, lifestyle, health requirements and allergies (if applicable). You will also be equipped with hints and tips on meal prepping and making slow gradual changes to avoid overwhelm. These sessions run for 1 hour, and are $85 per session when booking outside the 12 Week Challenge Packages.

Coach Chats – A one on one session with one of our Wellness Coaches to help you establish your goals, inspire your own motivation, clarify any road blocks and establish strategies for overcoming them, and brain storm ideas on how else you can help propel your health and fitness success forward. These sessions run for 45 minutes and are $60 per session when booking outside the 12 Week Challenge Packages.

Body Composition Analysis – A one on one session with one of our Coaches to measure and identify your body’s complete composition detailing things such as metabolic age, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate and much much more. All of this information is then utilised to establish what the body’s hormones are doing and recommendations can then be made regarding food, exercise and lifestyle to help improve the body’s composition. All of this information is then presented in extensive reports. These sessions run for 20 minutes and are $40 per session when booking outside the 12 Week Challenge Packages.

Mobility or Technical Training – A one on one session with one of our Coaches that can cover one of three things; a) Posture and Mobility analysis and correction, b) Technical training on how to perform certain exercises or c) a Mini PT session. These sessions run for 45 minutes and are $85 per session when booking outside the 12 Week Challenge Packages.

*Please click on the individual consults for a more detailed explanation.