Transformation – Georgette Ajouri

*Georgette started training with TF in March 2012. She wasn’t a large girl but did have a few kilos to shift, though more importantly she needed to improve her health and muscle tone. She started off great guns, then injured her ankle and went downhill fast. 18 months later she was larger than when she first joined. Her mind-set was all over the place and so was her training. Her training and nutritional commitment stayed fairly complacent until July 2014 when something really triggered in her mind. It was like someone had flicked a switch in her head. She literally went from red to blue and hasn’t stopped since. And I’m not even talking about weight anymore.

Georgette has now lost a total of 35.50cm with 14cm being from her waist, since her largest size in November 2013. The fact is though the measurements are irrelevant. It is what has transformed for her mentally and emotionally that has had the biggest impact. For years Georgette barely spoke to anyone in training. I rarely saw a smile on her face, and she was the first person to take the lower options where she could. You never saw her voluntarily take the more advanced options and she would often give up when she felt herself becoming tired or sore. Her self-esteem was non-existent and she just wouldn’t ask for help or take the offer up when given. It was like she had lost hope.

In July this year, all that changed. Georgette started asking lots of questions, taking everything on board and absorbing things like a sponge. She started opening up more and made loads of friends in her training groups. She started interacting more in our Facebook group and even offering advice to our newer members. She took on a proactive role in her journey instead of just riding in the back seat. Georgette today has the most wicked sense of humor, is cheeky in classes, getting everyone into trouble just so she and the whole group can do more Burpees. She thrives on it. Her nutrition is fantastic and her mind-set has taken on a whole new world! As for her training, well there are no options now unless she is nursing an injury. Actually I lie; she now takes the advanced options! I look at her and my eyes well with pride at how much her inner glamor shines. She now exudes her inner beauty as well as her outer.

Georgette has a very special place in my heart and I am truly ecstatic that she finally sees the person I see when I look at her and talk to her. There is nothing sexier in a woman than self-respect, self-love and dignity. Gig is one sexy lady and I am not only proud of her but totally over the moon that I have had the honor and the pleasure of playing a part in her journey. She is one in a million.

Let’s hear what Georgette has to say about her journey:

“Before I started training with TF, I was a completely different person. From a very young age, maybe around 10, I was always self-conscious about how I looked. Going through high school was particularly hard as I had very little self-esteem. I was bigger than the other girls, not as pretty, typical teenager with glasses and braces. Coming into my mid-teens I started dieting; doing things like meal replacements and the soup diet, just to name a few and sometimes I would starve myself. At my smallest, I weighed 56kgs, was calorie counting and wouldn’t eat over 1500 calories a day and would train for at least an hour a day 4 times a week at the gym. Yes, I was small; fitting into a size 8-10 but wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t toned, I looked sunken. I started to become tired easily and just lost motivation as my weight was not changing… my goal was to get down to 50kgs. Which looking back now, I would have looked extremely sick. Slowly I started eating more more and just regained the weight. After that I did several diets and was doing the Dukan Diet right before joining TF.

The beautiful Fay Teffaha convinced me to join TF as I saw the most amazing changes in her so I took the plunge.
Right at the start I trained really hard and lost a total of 15.5cm. However, I hurt my ankle and was off training for a couple of months and became complacent in my training.

Over the last 4-6 months I have upped my game. I train 3 times a week with TF doing 2 Circuit Classes and SMASH and try and give everything at training. The last few weeks have been a challenge but nonetheless I keep on going.

My eating habits have done a complete 360. I no longer eat gluten or dairy products as I am intolerant to both. I eat very little refined sugar also. My food is now fresh, nutritious and I know which foods to eat that are in line with my goals and what’s not.

Changing my eating habits was challenging to start with. Like so many people, I love my chocolate and desserts and as a baker myself, it made it even more difficult. The other difficult thing was that my parents own a milk bar and we live on site. So for many people, you would need to get in your car to go and get your junk food but for me, it is right at my doorstep. Now that I have changed my lifestyle, seeing all this food doesn’t bother me anymore as I know I can have something just as ‘naughty’ but is full of goodness and won’t throw my goals out.

I have trained for about 3 years and only of late have I trained to my maximum ability. I had lots of ups and downs but I’m at a good place now so that shows when I train. I actually like exercising now whereas I previously didn’t and no longer feels like a chore. I have a much better understanding about nutrition and know what’s good for me and what’s not so good.

[When asked, “How do you feel about yourself today?”] Hmmm today… today I feel like I can conquer anything, except those bloody medicine ball push ups which I will conquer haha.

But seriously, my self-esteem and confidence has skyrocketed. I’m no longer paranoid about showing my body whether it be in a Bikini, dress, or in training clothes.

[When asked “What really gets you out of your comfy lounge to attend training?”] First and foremost, the people I train with. It makes it fun and enjoyable to train with friends. Secondly… seeing myself succeed and conquer different exercises and getting to the advanced exercise. Oh and the amazing trainers. No matter what, they push you to your limits and help you achieve the unthinkable!

I have not finished my journey yet, however I’m the closest I have ever been. I can’t wait to post the finish line photo which hopefully won’t be too much longer.

A massive shout-out to my amazing trainers Terri, Theo, Daniel and Tania. Without you, my dream would never be a reality. No matter how much I whinge, you always keep me going and are always so supportive. My brain still battles with my body to give up but you guys keep me going.

What would I say to someone thinking about training with TF? What do you have to lose? You will not regret the decision, I bet my life on it!” – Georgette Ajouri, West Meadows

*Weight Loss and Training Disclaimer