Group PT

Terrific Fitness brings you 2 styles of Group Personal Training:


  • Capped at 6 people
  • 30 minute sessions
  • Build Strength
  • Learn new skills
  • Great for fat burning*


  • Members $20 per session
  • Non-Members $25 per session
  • x5 Pack Members $89
  • x5 Pack Non-Members $110


Ninja Squad:

‘Ninja Squad’ is a Group PT session which focuses on building strength and developing skills enabling you to tackle various drills included in obstacle courses.
For example we help you build the strength and skills required for:
– Monkey Bar Swings
– Ring Hangs
– Bar Dips
– Leg Swings
– Pull Ups
and much more…
NB: The sessions are NOT obstacles courses or races, they are strength and skill based

Strength Squad:

‘Strength Squad’ is a Group PT Strength & Conditioning session that focuses on building strength and power using heavy weights.
In these sessions you will learn the techniques and skills required to perform some of the more powerful weight training exercises that build strength and lean muscle mass which in turn promote metabolic fat burning.







*Weight Loss & Training Disclaimer